"You have to decide if you open the doors to a PP government with the extreme right or not"

"You have to decide if you open the doors to a PP government with the extreme right or not"

The results of the elections in Castilla y León have planned in the first 'face to face' of Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Casado, although neither has particularly boasted of the results, which were bad for the socialists by losing the first position and a bittersweet victory for the PP, which remains in the hands of a growing Vox. The opposition leader began his question in the control session by reminding Sánchez that he has lost four of the five elections that have been held since he has been in Moncloa and, from then on, he has chosen to divert the subject. The president has not missed the opportunity to remind Casado of his weakness: "He has to decide if he opens the doors to a PP government with the extreme right or not. He created a trap and now he is trapped."

Sánchez urges the PP to break all its agreements with Vox if it wants the PSOE to abstain in Castilla y León

Sánchez urges the PP to break all its agreements with Vox if it wants the PSOE to abstain in Castilla y León

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Sánchez has pronounced those words in his turn to reply, so the question has remained unanswered. The PP insists that he intends to govern alone with support from the provincial parties and the abstention of Vox -which rejects him- or even the socialists. "You would like other parties to get you out of that trap," the socialist told him, who has been open to doing so, aware of the limitations that Casado has in that strategy. Moncloa's intention is to transfer all the pressure and responsibility to the PP.

"We are willing to help, but you have to ask for help, you have to explain why the extreme right cannot enter governments and you have to say if it is forever and in all territories," the president reiterated along the same lines that he raised Tuesday in the Senate. And so he has subsequently repeated to the ERC spokesman, Gabriel Rufián, who has reproached him for having the "temptation" that "the wolf eats the PP" in reference to Vox. "I'm not happy about the rise of the extreme right in my country, what's more, yesterday I offered the abstention of the PSOE to the PP in Castilla y León if it breaks the agreements with the extreme right if it is forever and in all the territories of the country."

In the PSOE they are convinced that Alfonso Fernández Mañueco is doomed to govern with the extreme right and they will also use this coalition government of PP and Vox as a campaign strategy in the following elections - first in Andalusia and within fifteen months in the municipal and regional - to mobilize their own. Y rule out abstention free to facilitate a PP government. Despite the offer that Sánchez has reiterated to Casado, in Moncloa they see it as "impossible" for the PP to accept these conditions.

Casado has practically ignored the issue of the elections in his first duel with the president after the pyrrhic victory in Castilla y León. He has taken advantage, yes, to reproach the president for having "cheated with all the instruments of the State", among which he has cited "the CIS of Tezanos, with the BOE of public investments by hand and even with the European funds to the letter of the socialist governments". He has also referred to the appointment in 2020 of former Minister Dolores Delgado as State Attorney General or even the renewal "without agreement" of the Council of State -where Sánchez appointed former Vice President Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría-. "He confronted the Constitutional for the alarm decrees and the Supreme Court when he told him that he could not pardon the separatist prisoners to continue in power. He has even used this Parliament to impose decrees against the will of the parliamentary majority," he told him. the leader of the opposition has said, despite the fact that it is impossible to carry out measures if he does not have at least more Yes it is that It is not in Congress.

From there, Casado has once again taken out ETA by criticizing that "it uses penitentiary institutions to negotiate with a murderer of thirteen innocents in exchange for Bildu's votes to remain in La Moncloa." "When are you going to stop deteriorating the institutions? Are you on the side of the victims or the executioners?" Casado asked.

"Not contributing to degrading the institutions is to respond politely and with good manners to their insults and expletives," Sánchez replied, acknowledging that "democracy is perfectible." "Between all of us we can contribute to improving it. It would be better, healthier, stronger if you contributed to renewing the Judiciary; if you did not go to Brussels to speak ill of Spain; if you did not use turncoats to win votes or seize governments in autonomous communities, and they will not generate lies about the results of the Courts by calling into question a report from an independent, professional body, such as that of the lawyers or the work of the president of Congress", Sánchez responded in reference to the controversy over the vote of the labour reform. The leader of the PP has assured that the Judiciary could be renewed "today" if the Government accepts that the judges are the ones who choose their own governing body, something that the Socialists rule out.

Sánchez, to ERC: "No one gives me leftist cards, least of all you"

Gabriel Rufián also had a place this Wednesday to ask the president and he has warned him, in line with what the president, Pere Aragonés, did, that he must "put leftist policies on the table" and face "the political conflict with Catalonia" if intends to continue in Moncloa. "We suspect that he is tempted to pass up the opportunity at the negotiation table, because that way he wears us down," said Rufián: "Whoever believes that if the table doesn't work it only wears down the independence movement is mistaken, it is also a failure of the left And every time the Spanish left fails, things are not bad for us and, above all, the right or extreme right ends up ruling.

The warning has not sat well with Sánchez, who has taken the opportunity to reproach him for not supporting the labor reform, and has raised the tone with which this legislature is one of his most important partners, despite the break in some specific votes: "A Nobody gives me leftist cards, least of all you". Sánchez has attacked Rufián for "saying that the labor reform is the one that Albert Rivera would have agreed upon is an insult to the unions that signed that agreement": "Perhaps he considers that it is more to the left than the CCOO and the UGT, it is not My case". However, the president has assured that he continues with his "hand outstretched" for the dialogue table, which still has no date on the horizon.

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