«You got involved as if he were your son»

«You got involved as if he were your son»

Ángel Cruz participated this Saturday in the institutional act that has served as a tribute in Níjar (Almería) to the more than 60 collectives, entities and individuals that participated actively in the operation of search for his son Gabriel, eight years old, whose lifeless body was found last March in the trunk of the car driven by the alleged murderer, Ana Julia Quezada.

Gabriel's father wanted to thank everyone for his commendable work, because "You were involved in the search for my son as if it were yours, you gave us strength in a difficult moment, and thanks to you Gabriel could not hide and we knew where he was, who did it, what made us feel a little better at some very hard times for us ".

As reported by the City of Níjar in a note, the tribute has been framed in the institutional act of the celebration of the Guardian Angels, patrons of the Local Police of Níjar, and has also counted on the participation of the mayor of the municipality, Esperanza Pérez

Ángel Cruz has given everyone a detail for their participation in this device and a special mention to the municipalities of Níjar and Almería and the Provincial Council.

For its part, the mayor Nijareña said that "today we celebrate much more than the day of the Guardian Angels as patrons of the Local Police," because "today is the day we have recognized solidarity, generosity, the ability to react of all, as a community. " "When an exceptional event happens in any part of our geography, that global solidarity must make us feel very proud, that's why we want to thank everyone," he added.

"In a joint mission, all acted moved by their professionalism and with great personal involvement, for that reason we want to distinguish each and every one of the more than 60 collectives that participated in the search for Gabriel, the Civil Guard, the GREA, Emergencias 112 de Andalucía, Firefighters, Infoca, Environment Agents, Canine Units, Civil Protection and Local Police from different locations, associations or private companies, and, of course, the thousands of volunteers who left their skin for days to find Gabriel, working tirelessly with the same goal, "the councilor continued.

On the other hand, and during this act have been made special recognitions and mentions to the staff of the Local Police of Níjar, lifeguards and civil protection, as well as agents David Moya, Antonio Jesus Barrionuevo, Rubén Jiménez and José Manuel Escobosa for their police actions.

Esperanza Pérez has been accompanied at the presidential table by the sub-delegate of the Government in Almería, Manuel de la Fuente; the delegate of Government of the Board in the province, Gracia Fernández; and the Chief Inspector of the Local Police of Níjar, José Gázquez.

The first mayor has defended that from his government team "we have tried to do the daily task of the local police in Nijareña something more comfortable, with a provision of equipment more in line with the times", as well as "has been invested in security on our beaches, which is why, for the third year in a row, and thanks to lifeguards and Civil Protection volunteers, there is no need to regret drowning on our coast in the bathing season, "he said.

For its part, the Andalusian Government delegate wanted to highlight "the social commitment and the great work of all the forces of the security forces, entities and volunteers that made it possible to obtain results in the search for Gabriel, although they were different from the that we would all have loved, "he added.

For his part, the sub-delegate of the Government has stated in his speech that "you have all proven to be an example of sacrifice, dedication and dedication to the profession, as well as volunteers, becoming an example of solidarity and commitment."

Finally, the Chief Inspector of the Local Police has thanked Ángel Cruz and Patricia – Gabriel's mother – "their example of strength and knowing how to be for the whole society".


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