“You cannot leave a cancer patient without review due to delayed testing”

María A. Mora shows the two claims she has made for the care of her mother.

María A. Mora shows the two claims she has made for the care of her mother.
Loyola Perez de Villegas

Maria Angeles Carretero, cancer patient 63-year-old from Area II of Cartagena that has faced up to five times the Cancer, She was unable to attend the examination she had scheduled with her oncologist at Hospital Santa Lucía on October 13 because she had not been summoned before to perform the CT scan that had been requested.

His daughter, María Ángeles Mora, says that these situations “cannot be allowed” and that “an oncology patient cannot be left without review because testing is delayed. There must be priorities and means if those that exist are not enough.

Mora has already presented two claims for the delays in the appointment for the TAC that his mother has suffered and the consequences of losing the oncological examination that he had cited and explains that They have not yet given him an answer from the hospital none of them.

“My mother, on other occasions, the tumor indices come out well in the blood tests, but it is with the CT scan that the doctors see if there is cancer or not,” so she says not understand «how these situations occur in the Public healthcare».

Asked if they have explained to her mother the reason for the delay in the tests or if they have given her the option of doing the CT scan in another health center, María Ángeles Mora affirms that they have not.

From the Cartagena hospital complex they explain, when asked about the case of this patient, that «right now there may be a CT scan of a healthy patient pending to perform, due to the protocols and special circumstances of the pandemic, but the urgent and the oncology has done everything “, so they consider that the situation of María Ángeles is something” exceptional “and insist that” we are doing everything possible to go on citing the pending CT scans. ”


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