"You can not say that you build a republic, when you manage and bad autonomy"

This has been expressed in an interview in COPE, collected by Europa Press, which has blamed the Government of Catalonia the tension experienced this Monday, when the CDR staged cuts of communication routes and tried to storm the Parliament. "It showed that you can not fuel the mobilization without being able to ensure security," criticized Iceta.

"The Government has fueled radicalism by active and passive," said the socialist leader, after Torra applauded the actions of the CDR. "You can not say every day that you are building the Republic when you are managing and badly an autonomous community," he added.

Iceta reproaches the president of the Generalitat that on Monday will encourage the CDR boycott acts and that he will be installed in a speech "far from reality" that, in his opinion, is unsustainable. "It generates a very big frustration and a political disorientation", he assured.

From his point of view, the independence movement was "before the mirror" during the day of Monday and "did not like it." For Iceta what was thought as a day to influence the mistakes of the Government of Spain a year ago, ended up becoming a day in which the inability of the Government of Catalonia was seen.

Iceta suggests that the Generalitat take advantage of the incidents experienced yesterday to review their proposals, because, as he said, "it is impossible" to be right if he does not propose a deep reflection on his political performance.


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