May 12, 2021

"You can not change the name of violence because you want to"

"You can not change the name of violence because you want to"

The Secretary of State for Equality of Spain, Soledad Murillo, defended today in Lisbon that you can not change the name of violence "because you want" and said that whoever denies the existence of gender violence does not know the phenomenon or wants to take advantage of the.

"Gender violence exists as such and whoever denies it is someone who does not know the phenomenon or wants to take advantage of the phenomenon to make its own income statement," he told reporters in Lisbon, adding that the data "can not be denials based on adjectives ".

Murillo, who participates in the Portuguese capital at a work meeting organized by the Portuguese government on male violence, said that the terms used are intended to "be more efficient" to combat this problem and "have nothing to do with an intransigent position "

"The law of gender violence is an organic law that responds to those young women who did not live with their aggressor or separated women who no longer lived with their aggressor," he explained.

Murillo said that "we must respond to this violence as well as domestic violence, which occurs between brothers, between parents, uncles, friends, etc.," but insisted that "in no case does it have to do with gender violence."

The secretary of Equality was convinced that there will be a setback in the fight against this type of violence despite the proposals of parties with a different position.

"The data can not be denied based on adjectives, the regression does not occur because you want, there are the next elections so that it can be seen clearly," he added.

Making statistics "is very brave on the part of governments," he said, because it commits them to implement measures and evaluate the situation from different sectors, such as the courts, the police or the media.

"It is important that women know they do not lie, that there are no false allegations, that of course the concept of gender violence is appropriate for those cases where there is no coexistence and that there is no setback," he said.

The meeting in Lisbon seeks to share experiences between the Spanish and Portuguese governments on combating violence against women, including the system with which Spain accounts for deaths, which does not exist in Portugal.

"We do not know, about the deaths that occurred during 2019, which are in contexts of domestic violence and which of violence against women, and we must know how to organize that data," acknowledged the Portuguese Minister of the Presidency, Mariana Vieira da Silva.


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