October 31, 2020

You can go for a walk in the parks, not to be there or to stay

The mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, assured this Monday that in phase 1 to the parks “you can go for a walk” but “not to be or stay” and neither to “have a picnic” although they do They will be able to use the banks keeping the distance.

The Madrid councilor explained that Madrid opens the parks in phase 1 today because “they open more land to maintain social distances”, but he pointed out that the limitations cannot be violated, according to an interview with Es Radio reported by the Agency Eph.

“You can go to the parks for a walk, to do sports but not to stay or stay. You can sit on a bench in the Retiro, but please keep safe distances, what you can not do is a picnic, “he said.

He also pointed out that the time limits remain and that the rides “cannot last more than an hour”, although this limitation only remains for rides with children and the rest must only respect their time slot.

On Friday, the Environment and Mobility area of ​​the capital pointed out, to questions from Efe on the assistance to the parks, that “citizens can go to any park in Madrid without limitation” and that “except for cohabitants, two meters must be respected away and the groups cannot be more than 10 people ”.

The first mayor of the capital has also pointed out that the Municipal Police will strengthen its vigilance and will warn of non-compliance “from the informational point of view” and “without the intention of collecting or repressing.”

“There will be some outbreaks, no one is fooled, we have to learn to live with the coronavirus,” he added and pointed out that he does not want to talk about reconstruction but about the resurgence of Madrid because the city “has not been destroyed.”

“Madrid aspires to get out of the crisis as quickly as possible”, generating confidence that the city is safe and also through operations such as Madrid Nuevo Norte, because for Almeida the brick is “the way forward”.

The Madrid councilor has also defended the need to promote public-private collaboration, deregulating and simplifying procedures for companies to generate wealth and for this reason it is contrary to the pandemic promoting a change of model where it goes more towards the public.

“The only thing we have to do is not to seize the engine of economic development that corresponds to society,” he stressed.


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