You can congratulate Christmas through 'blockchain' | Innovation

You can congratulate Christmas through 'blockchain' | Innovation

Christmas arrives and with them the gifts, the nougat and the cards that we send to friends and family to congratulate the parties. Perhaps this last one is the tradition that crosses its grayest days, among other things, due to the irruption of the digital world and his habit of moving analogical customs and relegate them to the background. But not all is lost. Digitization enables other original solutions that, without counting the charm of the physical format, offer us an added value that we could hardly have imagined.

The NWC10Lab laboratory, specialized in the use of this technology, in collaboration with the creative agency CLV, has developed an initiative to send congratulations through blockchain. The project would not provoke more interest if not for its solidarity: the digital cards can be sent over the internet for just under five euros, which will be donated to the NGO Voluntechies, an institution that raises money to organize virtual reality activities with hospitalized children and elderly people.

At this point, the decision to use this technology transcends the merely anecdotal. The chain of blocks allows traceability to all actions that happen from the moment the donation occurs until it reaches its destination. In other words, the commitment to decentralized technology certifies when the donation was made and when it reaches the hands of the NGO and guarantees that no intermediary has intervened in the process.

"Blockchain allows these postcards to be unique, have a value through a direct and safe donation and are certified with the most innovative technology that currently exists, the chain of blocks, "defends the laboratory through a statement. Those interested in acquiring one of these postcards can choose among the four designs they enable and pay them through PayPal.

While the idea of ​​NWC10Lab is a pioneer in using blockchain to send Christmas greetings, there are many previous projects that have seen the advantages of the block chain in the follow-up of social aid initiatives. The Spanish NGO Itwillbe has been working with the platform for a year, developed thanks to the department focused on the block chain of the multinational IBM, to help several hundred children living on the street near a train station south of Bombay. The platform allows donors to follow the status of the project in real time to check how much money they have spent and in what activities.


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