"You are undocumented and I am a Spanish gentleman", condemned for raping the caretaker of his wife - La Provincia

"You are undocumented and I am a Spanish gentleman", condemned for raping the caretaker of his wife - La Provincia

The Provincial Court of Valencia has sentenced to 12 years in prison for sexual assault on a man who raped the woman who had an employee to assist his disabled wife in the home of the couple in the Valencian town of Foios. After the assault, the man warned her not to report since she was "an undocumented immigrant" and he "a Spanish gentleman" and offered her money, which the victim rejected.

This is stated in a judgment of the Section Four of the Audience of Valencia, facilitated by the Superior Court of Justice of the Comunitat Valenciana (TSJCV) and consulted by Europa Press, which also imposes on the convicted person an indemnity of 6,000 euros, which must be paid to the victim, who can not be brought close and with whom he will not be able to communicate in 15 years.

The acts They happened between the months of March and April of 2017, when the man hired the victim to take care of his wife on Fridays in the house of the marriage, in Foios. The sentence explains that the first day of work, the man approached the caretaker while she was cooking and hugged her around the waist "with libidinous spirit." She refused the approach and reproached his attitude, to which he responded by releasing her, giving her a cheek on the buttocks and telling her that she had "not been in for nine years".

The woman told him that "her only task was to serve the woman of the house", that she was working, that she did not "confuse her will" and that she "was not that kind of woman".

The third Friday and after finishing the day, the victim was in the room he had to rest and in which he kept his belongings, when the condemned man entered armed with a "large" kitchen knife and forced her to have sexual relations. She, "frightened, agreed without offering resistance".

After the rape, the convicted man got up and told the woman that "if he said anything, nobody would believe him", since she was "an immigrant without papers" and he "a Spanish gentleman" and that if I reported to the Police "they were going to deport him", as he was not legal in Spain. The convicted also took out his wallet and offered him money, to which the victim replied that he was not going to "take any money", not even what was due him for that day of work.


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