Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

"You are the Nazis protesting the Nuremberg trial"

EH Bildu, a policías y  guardias civiles: “Sois los nazis que protestan por el juicio de Núremberg”

The parliamentary group of EH Bildu and several organizations of national police and civil guards have played a crossroads of reproaches and derogatory gestures in the Basque Chamber on Thursday, in which the representative of the sovereignist coalition Julen Arzuaga has compared the behavior of these groups with that of "the Nazis protesting the Nuremberg trial", while, according to the coalition itself, members of these associations have combed it and called it "miserable".

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This confrontation, which has ended with the expulsion of an EH Bildu parliamentarian from the plenary session, has taken place during the debate on the bill for the recognition of victims of abuses committed by the police forces, a rule that covers the period between 1978 and 1999 and that partially modifies another one of 2016 that could not be applied when being appealed before the Constitutional Court.

Law of police abuses

The standard under debate covers the period between 1978 and 1999

As a result of what happened, numerous protests and reproaches have been raised among the different parliamentary groups, so that the representative of EH Bildu Josu Estarrona has ended up being expelled from the plenary by the president of the Chamber, Bakartxo Tejeria (PNV), who also has ordered that the "insults" uttered by the representative of the sovereignist formation be removed from the act. In addition, the PP group has momentarily left the hemicycle in protest at the attitude of EH Bildu, but minutes later has returned to the plenary hall.

The controversy began at the beginning of the intervention of EH Bildu parliamentarian Julen Arzuaga in the debate on the law of police abuse, which is being followed from the rostrum of guests by various groups, including associations of the National Police and the Civil Guard, as well as organizations that represent victims of police violence. Although it is not clear if the trigger of the brawl has been Arzuaga's own words or if these have been a reaction to the derogatory gestures directed by some representatives of the police associations, the fact is that the EH Bildu parliamentarian has expressed his "absolute contempt" for "the corporate organizations of the State Security Forces and Corps that are making an infected lobby so that the victims they themselves have generated will not be recognized."

Arzuaga has denounced that these organizations "are seeking total impunity and concealment for terrorism and for the very serious violations of human rights that they themselves have perpetrated." "For me, you are Nazis who protested because there was a trial in Nuremberg; For me, you are the Francoists who fight so that there is no recognition of their human rights violations. It is outrageous, unacceptable and disgusting, "he said.


The law goes ahead with the support of PNV and PSE and the abstentions of Bildu and Podemos

Beyond the controversy, the norm has gone ahead thanks to the votes in favor of PNV and PSE, partners in the Basque Government that are in minority in the Parliament, and the abstentions of EH Bildu and Elkarrekin Podemos in most of the articles , while the PP has been positioned against. The changes affect several articles of the 2016 law and it is clear that there is no invasion of powers reserved for the judiciary and that its purpose is not to seek responsibility for these abuses, but to provide assistance to those affected.

The parliamentarians of the PP, Alfonso Alonso (d), and Borja Sémper, reprimand the parliamentarian of EH Bildu Julen Arzuaga

The parliamentarians of the PP, Alfonso Alonso (d), and Borja Sémper, reprimand the parliamentarian of EH Bildu Julen Arzuaga
(David Aguilar / EFE)

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