January 20, 2021

You Are Paying 1000% or More for a Label!

Plain Nike T-Shirt

Almost every branded t-shirt that you buy is the exact same quality as a non-branded version. You are paying more than 1000% for a label!

Plain Nike T-Shirt

An investigation has been underway on the price of branded clothing. Nike, Adidas, Puma and many other household brand names are overpricing their merchandise to make over 1000% profit on the actual cost of production. Almost everything is made in Asia where labor costs are extremely low. Cotton is cotton, polyester is polyester, no matter what it is you buy, the material is the material and the colour is the colour, it is all the exact same quality and in most cases, made in the same factories as non-branded low priced merchandise.

The way it works is simple, a factory will produce non-branded clothing in bulk. With machines running 24/7 producing clothing that has no label, no brand, no print. A t-shirt is a t-shirt with or without a label. Some of the biggest brands in fashion purchase their clothing in bulk, cutting their costs down further. When the items arrive at the brands factory, labels are printed and stitched or sown onto the clothing. Plain t-shirts, shirts, tank tops, sports items will also have the branded logo printed onto the non-branded item.

How much does a label cost? Lets use t-shirts as an example. You could walk into your local C&A or Primark and get a plain t-shirt for €2. This non-branded item will feel exactly the same as the €20 Nike t-shirt across the street in the sports shop. The fact is, it feels the same because it probably came from the same factory in Asia! That Nike t-shirt made almost the same journey to end up at the outlet, however, it had a quick stop on the way to a Nike factory where a simple logo was sown onto it by a machine working 24/7 probably adding logos to 1000’s of t-shirts per hour. From there it ended up in the high street sports shop with a price increase of around 1000% compared to the same plain white t-shirt across the street in Primark or C&A. You are looking at around €0.50 maximum for a logo. That profit margin is huge, especially since that €2 t-shirt cost probably €1 direct from the original factory.

We are all to blame for the cost of branded clothing, because we pay for it and as long as we pay for it, the big names will keep selling at the high prices they charge. If they can get away with it, they will and they are the big winners here, not the consumer. So next time you are shopping for clothing, try the cheaper non-branded versions. You will find they fit exactly the same and are as comfortable as the branded versions, saving you a small fortune in the process! We wait for the big movement to help lower the cost of clothing, that has to be done by the consumer and that is you!