Yotuel Romero, singer: «Tomorrow we will create a piece of Havana in Maspalomas»

Yotuel Romero, in the Canary Islands7 / COVER

The Cuban singer and activist performs this Saturday, August 27 at the Botánico Terraza Club accompanied by Beatriz Luengo, El Vega and “a spectacular Canarian timplista”

Just a year ago the tour began in the United States
'Homeland and Life' of
Yotuel Romero and now, after several concerts in different parts of the world, the artist is ready to conquer the Canary Islands this Saturday in a show that will be loaded with a lot of Cuban flavor.

Going to a concert by this artist is, as he himself says, "being with family", with all that that implies. "As a family we talk about everything: things that make us laugh, jump and also things that make us cry," Yotuel said in an interview with this newspaper on the eve of his performance in the south of the island.

The event will be enlivened by the
best known songs of the singer, who has prepared a repertoire which, he assures, includes "all the songs that I have composed throughout my career, both with
Orishas like with other musicians, or of my own harvest».

Yotuel Romero arrives in the Canary Islands with his 'Patria y Vida' tour

Beatriz Luengo and a canary timplista

There will be no shortage of surprises at this event dedicated to their country, but with hints from the Canary Islands. «There will be everything, and many guests like
Beatriz Luengo, El Vega and a timplista from the Canary Islands spectacular". In addition, with all of them he will try to "claim the freedom that a people who is eager to be free longs for."

Romero carries Cuba in his heart wherever he goes, and this Saturday, August 27, at the concert he will offer at the Botánico Terraza Club, that love will be reflected: «What we want to do is
create a piece of Havana in Maspalomas» and «everyone who wants to go will be able to enjoy a mojito and delicious Cuban food», encourages the singer.

«I believe that freedom is something natural that should correspond to all human beings»

If there is something with which we identify Yotuel Romero, it is with the defense of the
Human rights in his country of origin: «In Cuba there has been a dictatorship for more than 22 years that has an oppressed, sad people and that on July 11, 2021 rebelled against that tyranny and made it clear that they wanted
homeland, life, freedom, and dream.

That July 11 in which Cuba took to the streets, the song that gives name to the singer's tour did not stop being heard, becoming an anthem with which many felt identified.
«This theme aims to bury that 'Homeland or Death' that has persecuted us for so many years and what does it mean: either you or me, or my way of thinking or yours, or my difference or yours. While
'Patria y Vida' is the opposite: it's you and me, it's your sex and mine, it's your race and mine», defends Yotuel.

He is convinced that the
youth The current situation "makes the dictatorship feel uncomfortable," and that Cuban men and women "are determined to be free." «
freedom is something natural that should correspond to all human beings, ”says the singer.

“I want to thank the Canarians who have opened the doors of these islands to the Cubans who have arrived here with dreams of prosperity”

Due to this melody, on October 15, the artist and the rest of its composers will receive
the medal of freedom in Florida, United States, although the biggest prize, he says, "is that
cuban people that that song has been tattooed not only on his body but also on his soul and that he has also taken it as a slogan for the future of that Cuba that they would like».

Yotuel did not want to say goodbye without sending a message of thanks "to the Canarians who have opened the doors of these islands to the Cubans who have arrived here with
dreams of prosperity and that they have been given that freedom that they are looking for and that they need». «I ask the canaries to listen to the Cubans when they tell them the
true history of Cubaso that they understand the needs that the country drags ».


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