Yotuel Romero greets the readers of CANARIAS7

Yotubel at the headquarters of CANARIAS7. / cover

The Cuban artist visits the headquarters of CANARIAS7 before giving a concert this Saturday in Maspalomas

CANARY ISLANDS7 The Gran Canarian palms

This Friday morning the Cuban singer, composer and actor Yotuel Romero visited the facilities of CANARIAS7.

He landed in the Canary Islands to perform in a concert that will take place
this Saturday, August 27 at the Botánico Club terrace, Maspalomasinside your tour
'Homeland and Life', which bears the name of the song that became the fight anthem for Human Rights in Cuba.

Yotuel Romero arrives in the Canary Islands with his 'Patria y Vida' tour

The artist arrives in the south of Gran Canaria with all the flavor of his country to continue with the
tour that has dazzled different cities in the US such as Florida, Las Vegas or Chicago, as well as other European countries.

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