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Yoli and Fortu, condemned to separate

‘GH Dúo’: Fortu y Yoli celebrarán San Valentín separándose

The night lived in the last gala of
GH Duo: Limit 48

It has been very convulsive, especially for two people: Fortu Y Yoli. The whole house has turned against them, especially against the singer of Howitzer, and the couple will have to separate next Thursday because one of the two will have marches of
Big Brother
. Ylenia He was honest in his curve of life and admitted to having problems with drugs and alcohol in the past.

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Most of the night passed between the fights of the whole house with Fortu and Yoli. The pair of rockers lives isolated for days without interacting with the rest of their peers, and when they do it is to discuss. Antonio Tejado, Carolina Sobe and Kiko Rivera have been the most critical of them. The most benefited of the situation was Raquel, the third nominee, who saw how she was saved and left the couple on the tightrope.

'GH Duo': Fortu was cornered by the rest of his teammates in an impressive fight

'GH Duo': Fortu was cornered by the rest of his teammates in an impressive fight

The rain of reproaches did not stop after salvation and Carolina exploded in front of all her companions revealing, according to her words, that she had something with the singer. Fortu It did not take long to deny it, making it clear that he "ate his mouth" as he does with all his fans
. In addition, he made it clear that his daughter Ariana and Pilar Rubio were present at that time. Fortu also had another big run-in with Antonio, with whom he almost got his hands because of an ugly gesture by María del Monte's nephew.

Kiko Rivera confessed that GH Duo it is a salvation for his economy, after confessing to the ex of his sister Chabelita the excesses that he had in the past. "I have won almost 5 (speaking of millions), now I could have all my things well, but now you have to recover, my children do not have to eat their father's brown, it's the only thing I want. For me it has been a miracle to enter here, "recognized the son of Isabel Pantoja.

'GH Duo': Kiko Rivera admits having squandered several million euros

'GH Duo': Kiko Rivera admits having squandered several million euros

The hardest moment of Ylenia

The one of Benidorm faced alone to the curve of life. Before he started, he already collapsed, a clear warning that great confessions would arrive. Although Jorge Javier Vázquez had to insist, the contestant revealed that had problems with drugs and alcohol in during a short stage of his life in which I had a lot of workload. It happened after passing through Gandía Shore and now she wants to live away from the world of the night to avoid temptations. An argument similar to that of his partner Kiko Rivera, with which paradoxically has had great fights.

Even though during the last hours the romance between María Jesús and Antonio seemed to have suffered a break, they have been able to see very close during the entire gala. The next days will be key to know the future of the couple, since the organization of GH Duo has a great surprise for next Thursday's gala. Coinciding with the Valentine's Day, some exconcursantes will return to the house of Big Brother to visit their partners.

Candela, Sofia and Fede will return to the house to celebrate love, something that will surely provoke tensions. The return of the ex-partner of Antonio Tejado is the one that more expectation provokes, since it will be necessary to see the faces with María Jesús. Yurena, on the other hand, will do the same but during the summary on Wednesday to visit Juan Miguel. The one that is not talked about is Julio Ruz, who does not seem to be going back home after his disciplinary expulsion, although if he attends the debates and the galas of GH Duo as a guest more.

'GH Duo': María Jesús and Antonio Tejado, finally they kiss!

'GH Duo': María Jesús and Antonio Tejado, finally they kiss!

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