May 29, 2020

Yolanda Gómez: And now, to work



We return to the polls and, regardless of the results that come from them, our politicians have no alternative but to agree to form a government and start working. After months of paralysis, tasks are not lacking. As the students know very well, you can live on income for a season, but not for an indefinite period, and our economy is running out of the momentum of the impulse given by the reforms of the first government of Rajoy. We are about to release the year 2020 and our public administrations are still being governed, and will continue to do so, for now, with the 2018 budgets. And although I am one of those

Yolanda Gómez RojoYolanda Gómez RojoDeputy DirectorYolanda Gómez Rojo


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