Yolanda Díaz will launch her project after the Andalusian elections

The second vice president, Yolanda Díaz, has advanced that the listening project for her new political project will begin "immediately", probably after the elections in Andalusia on June 19, to emphasize that this process has nothing to do with this electoral advance . Díaz has also warned about the negotiation process for the left-wing candidacy: “Many times you have heard me say that these things are what distance citizens from political parties. With this I stay ”, she has indicated.

Díaz has made these statements after meeting this Monday with the Coordinator of Student Representatives of Public Universities and the Spanish Youth Council. The also head of Labor has explained that she will try to "expand" a progressive project, and that the "great challenge" that has been proposed is to build this project "for the next ten years", and that she is going to tour the country.

This Monday the Andalusian Electoral Board has refused to include Podemos in the Andalusian left-wing coalition and has dismissed the rectification letter from the confluence parties. The resolution is due to the fact that this Friday at the last minute United We Can accepted that Inmaculada Nieto lead the candidacy. According to the party, the documentation was delivered "on time", but according to parliamentary sources this coalition that was registered included four formations: IU, Más País, Equo and the Andalusian People's Initiative, instead of also including Podemos and Alianza Verde. The also Minister of Labor has assured that "these things are what distance citizens from political parties."

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