Yolanda Díaz will begin with the PNV a round of meetings with Government allies

The third vice president of the Government, Yolanda Díaz, has been released this Tuesday in the position in a Council of Ministers. And this Wednesday he will begin his political agenda as the main reference of United We Can in the Executive. It will do so by initiating a round of contacts with the coalition's parliamentary allies. His first destination will be the Basque Country, where he will meet the president of the PNV, Andoni Ortuzar, report sources from the vice presidency. In the near future, he will meet with ERC and with the rest of the forces that supported the inauguration of Pedro Sánchez and the 2021 Budgets.

March adds 70,790 new affiliates, but job destruction reaches 432,000 people in this pandemic year

March adds 70,790 new affiliates, but job destruction reaches 432,000 people in this pandemic year

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Díaz has participated this Tuesday in his first Council of Ministers as third vice president. The also Minister of Labor and Social Economy, a portfolio that she has kept in the rise within the Executive, has on her agenda highlighted in red the challenge of dismantling the 2012 PP labor reform, a mission that was suspended by the pandemic caused by the coronavirus and that it had been proposed to resume this year.

The vice president has not abandoned that goal, but now she must add some more. The departure of Pablo Iglesias To be the candidate of United We Can in the Community of Madrid on May 4, he earned a promotion that he had been resisting for months, but which he could not resign.

Now, to her duties as Minister of Labor she adds those of the Third Vice Presidency. And among them is to maintain coordination with the political forces essential to ensure the validity of the first coalition government since the restoration of democracy and that its predecessor wove.

One of the key parties in the asymmetric majority that supports the Executive in parliament is the PNV. Not so much because of his weight, he barely has six deputies, but because of the ancestry he has in the media and business.

Yolanda Díaz will thus have her first official meeting as vice president with the president of the Basque Country Buru Batzar, the main organ of the PNV, Andoni Ortuzar, who recently pointed out in an interview: "We do not change horses nor are we in the perspective of changing horses. In fact, I think we are the only ones who think that it is worth it for this government to continue, and that we maintain that bet. "

After the PNV, it will be followed on the agenda of Díaz ERC, which with its 13 deputies is an essential partner for the coalition government. Sources from the Third Vice Presidency assure elDiario.es that they will be followed by the other allies of the Executive and that the meetings will serve to maintain the coordination that was already established when the reference of United We Can in the Executive was Pablo Iglesias.


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