Sat. Feb 29th, 2020

Yolanda Díaz wants to repeal dismissals for repeated casualties

The Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, said on Tuesday on the Onda Cero station that “we are going to repeal the article of the Statute of workers that allows dismissals for repeated casualties.”

This article will be repealed with the support of unions and employers, the minister added in an interview with journalist Juan Ramón Lucas.

“Only a very specific sector of very small companies is resorting to these forms of dismissal before their repeal,” said the minister.

“One and a half million jobs have been destroyed in our country from 2011 to 2014,” Díaz said, adding that the labor reform has served to “devalue wages and precarize labor relations.”

“Half of the wage earners in Spain are precarious,” he said, and said that “we get the colors in Europe, we have an index of labor poverty that is unbearable.”

The head of Labor has stated in the program “The compass”, of the aforementioned broadcaster, that “there will be social dialogue, although there are points of discrepancy, which are legitimate.”

“I was taught at the Law School that below 2% growth, employment is not created, but we are in a process in which those who pay cannot always be the most disadvantaged,” said Díaz.

“There is no data that certifies the negative impact of the rise in the minimum wage. Most of the collective agreements that operate in the field sector are above the minimum wage. In the field, there is a structural problem, ”he said.

“I respect the judicial resolution that guarantees that the time that workers spend on smoking is deducted from wages, but we have to legislate and regulate these issues that affect time and hours. It is a very conflictive issue, ”said the minister.

“The minister (María Jesús) Montero is working with all the groups of the Congress and I am sure that we will carry out the budgets. We cannot continue with the budgets of (Cristóbal) Montoro ”, he added.

Regarding the situation in Catalonia, the minister said: “I want us to be able to reach dialogue positions in Catalonia, and stop living the frustrating episodes we have experienced. The Government will be respecting the current legality. I wish we could talk calmly. I want Catalonia to continue with us. ”


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