Yolanda Díaz summons unions and employers on February 7 to address the increase in the minimum wage

There is already a social dialogue meeting to address the increase in the minimum wage for 2022. The Vice President and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, has convened the majority unions and employers on Monday, February 7, to discuss the increase in the minimum interprofessional wage (SMI) this year, sources familiar with the meeting inform elDiario.es.

The Government approves this Tuesday the extension of the SMI in 965 euros while waiting to negotiate it with the social agents

The Government approves this Tuesday the extension of the SMI in 965 euros while waiting to negotiate it with the social agents

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The meeting will take place at 10 in the morning and it is a meeting at the "technical" level, as those meetings attended by representatives of the second-line majority unions and employers are usually called. In other words, the leaders of the organizations and the minister are not going.

The minimum wage is currently at 965 euros per month in 14 payments, the amount agreed in September 2021 and that the Government extended for the beginning of this year because he was immersed in the negotiation of the labor reform and had not yet met with the social agents to discuss the SMI.

CCOO and UGT reiterate that the SMI should be at 1,000 euros per month this year. The amount would go along the lines of the recommendations of the committee of experts of the Government on the minimum wage, which elaborated several paths of increase with the objective that at the end of the legislature (2023) the Executive's commitment to place it at 60% of the average salary is fulfilled. Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, send the message that "this is not the time" to raise the SMI.

Increase from January?

Given that the increase in the minimum wage for 2022 was expected for the month of January, as CCOO and UGT insist that the Government had committed them, the unions have insisted on several occasions that the social dialogue meeting should be convened to address this issue. Finally, the meeting will be on February 7.

The date thus shows that the negotiation of the SMI will take place once the labor reform is closed, for better or for worse. The Government has until February 3 to obtain the necessary support for the validation of the decree, which for the moment has not been achieved, an issue that continues to focus the efforts of the Ministry of Labor. The vice-president Yolanda Díaz has gone to Catalonia this Wednesday to try to add to ERC, currently installed in the 'no'.

Thus, with the social dialogue meeting already in the month of February, a question arises beyond what will be the increase that will be approved: from when will it be applied. If the effects take place from January 1, as the unions insist, the increase should be agreed retroactively. Something that has already been done on previous occasions, but that generates some management difficulties for companies.

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