Yolanda Díaz negotiates against the clock to assume Social Security and control 240,000 million budget

Yolanda Díaz negotiates against the clock to assume Social Security and control 240,000 million budget

The negotiations on the distribution of portfolios in the new coalition Government are trying to be kept in a absolute secrecybut none of the parties hides that the distribution of quotas and percentages of power continues tightening the rope between PSOE and Sumarespecially when the formation of the Government is already a matter of hours. Yolanda Diazleader of Sumar and Minister of Labor, don't want to waste space in the next Executive to satisfy the majority of the internal sensitivities of its formation, including Podemos, which would be pressing with its voting independence if the demands of its political quota are not met.

The negotiations have taken terminal velocity in the last hours, in which the negotiating teams of both parties spent yesterday until dawn exchanging papers, with requests that were mostly rejected by the socialist side, under the supervision of María Jesús Montero and, of course, by the Pedro Sánchez himself.

What is tied and well tied is that Yolanda Díaz will assume a more important role within the new Executivewho could reach the first vice presidency if the departure of Nadia Calviño to preside over the European Investment Bank (EIB), whose appointment will still be pending until the end of the year if France or Germany do not give their explicit support to the Spanish minister for the position, always with the permission of Montero's minister, whose weight at the side of President Sánchez has grown enormously since the general elections.

Negotiation sources indicated to LA RAZÓN that within his new situation Díaz wants expand your ministerial powers"to be able to complete labor market reform over the next four years that began in the previous legislature and that must take the Spanish labor market into the 21st century. To achieve this, his intention is to expand his powers by assuming the portfolio held until now by José Luis Escrivá, about whom everything indicates that his time in the Government has come to an end, as he has made known several times to his intimates in recent times.

This move by Díaz to monopolize both portfolios seems to be in line with Sánchez's plans to reduce the size of your executivewhich could lose up to five portfolios, including those that disappear, those that are renamed and those that merge.

The latter include Labor and Social Security, which would return to the original situation that they had with the Government of Mariano Rajoy and that had been maintained since 1981, so, if confirmed, Díaz would control a budget of around 240,000 million eurosthe almost 200,000 corresponding to Social Security and the more 34,000 from Labor and Social Economy.

This separation between both departments, which will have lasted only four years if the merger is confirmed, caused a large additional cost in works and resizing of assets, which must now be reversed again. Creating this bicephaly took Escrivá to the building where the Secretary of State for Migration was located, located at 39 José Abascal Street in Madrid. Adapt it to the tastes of the minister It cost just over two million euros.

Sources close to the negotiation also recognize that, if this merger is not completed, in order not to give up so much power, There are "other possibilities" for Yolanda Díaz. These same sources acknowledged at the close of this edition that "nothing is yet closed," so unexpected last-minute twists are not ruled out, such as Labor and Social Security returning to socialist hands and Díaz assumed some other of the most relevant portfolios, such as Housing, one of the most desired by Sumar – and before that by Podemos – and which has also been put on the table. The merger of Labor and Social Security would leave the future of Inclusion and Migration in the air.