Yolanda Díaz maintains the pulse with Nadia Calviño to repeal the PP labor reform this year




The second vice president and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, maintains the pulse with the PSOE and, more specifically, with the first vice president, Nadia Calviño, on the repeal of the PP labor reform. This morning he insisted before the delegates of the 12th confederal congress of CC.OO. that "we will repeal the labor reform of the PP this year, it is an unalterable decision."

Remember that Nadia Calviño announced last Thursday in this same scenario the suppression of some aspects of the labor reform, not its complete repeal. “In the coming weeks we have to work hard to achieve a balanced package that allows us to adopt the reform before the end of the year. It is about simplifying the types of contracts, generalizing indefinite contracts, ending the scourge of excessive temporality. Furthermore, develop a new employment flexibility mechanism that provides companies with the necessary internal flexibility without leading to the large employment fluctuations of the past. Also, have a balanced and fair framework for collective bargaining and regulation of subcontractors, "said the Minister of Economy to the applause of those present.

These statements caused the Minister of Social Rights and Secretary General of United We Can, Ione Belarra, will request hours later an urgent meeting of the follow-up table of the coalition agreement between the PSOE and United We Can for Calviño's "interference".

Yolanda Díaz said today that the repeal of the labor reform will be carried out "despite all the resistance" and, without mentioning her colleague from the Council of Ministers and First Vice President Nadia Calviño, added that "many people do not know what who speaks when it comes to labor reform. He also said that "It will be done with dialogue, seeking agreements."

“My commitment to the new advancing country, to the progressive parliamentary majority and to the coalition government is total. To repeal the labor reform of the Popular Party is to defend our democracy and our Welfare State. And that is what we are going to do: we are going to complete this already advanced task to banish, after so many decades, temporality and precariousness that grip our lives and our future, "he said.

The minister added that “that is why we are going to repeal an article that inoculated lethal doses of precariousness and temporality in our social body, opening the way to the definitive transformation and modernization of our labor market ».

In his speech, he also announced the presentation of a royal decree that «will promote the withdrawal of honors to whoever has violated democratic values and the guiding principles for the protection of human rights "because" a country that respects itself cannot maintain distinctions from the State to those who used violence and repression to perpetuate themselves in power. " It is understood that it refers to the gold, silver and bronze medals of merit to work.

The minister, who acknowledged at the beginning of her speech read that "I have grown up in this house and here I recognize myself », was widely applauded during her speech, with shouts at the end of it of "President, President!"

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