Yolanda Díaz, Garzón and the Communist Party condemn the Russian "imperialist attack" in Ukraine

United We Can and the part of the confederal group linked to the Communist Party (PCE) have emphatically shown this Thursday their condemnation of the attack started at dawn by Russia on Ukrainian territory. In statements in Congress, the second vice president of the Government and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, wanted to show her "solidarity with the Ukrainian people in tremendous days" that she has considered "very sad". "We roundly condemn this attack and believe that the only way is diplomacy and international legality," she said.

Putin attacks Ukraine

Putin attacks Ukraine

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"All my solidarity with the Ukrainian citizens, victims of this irresponsible escalation. I condemn this intolerable aggression by Russia. Diplomacy and international law must prevail within the framework of the United Nations," she had written minutes earlier in a message on her Twitter profile.

Along the same lines, the Minister of Consumer Affairs, Alberto Garzón, has wished "for peace to be achieved" in Ukraine "and to be able to return to dialogue" after the first attacks launched last night by Russia against its neighboring country. In statements in the corridor of Congress, Garzón stressed that this road to peace "logically begins with a condemnation of Russia's attitude"

Garzón has also assured that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs "is perfectly coordinated" with its partners in the European Union, to which the minister has asked for a "common position" against the Russian action that, he has said, "violates the Minsk agreements ".

In a tweet, the minister has gone further and has considered that "the Ukrainian working people" are "suffering an imperialist aggression by Russia". "An attack that violates international law and previous agreements reached to preserve peace."

"Ultimate concern and resounding condemnation of the attacks carried out by Russia this morning in Ukraine," said the Minister of Social Rights and leader of Podemos, Ione Belarra. "War is never the way. We will defend international law and diplomatic channels within the framework of the United Nations to put an immediate end to this conflict," she settled, in a message on Twitter.

In statements in the Lower House, Belarra has also shown "the strongest condemnation of the attacks that have occurred this morning by Russia on Ukraine." "I want to join the call made by the UN Secretary General, António Guterres, who has asked for the immediate cessation of the attacks and the withdrawal of the troops. Any solution requires a diplomatic resolution", he said.

From the PCE a statement has been made public with the slogan "No to war!" in which he considers that the one adopted by the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, is "an inadmissible war solution, which supposes a collective failure for all the peoples interested in peace and the fulfillment of the Charter of the United Nations".

"The Communist Party of Spain, in the face of this aggression, calls for an immediate cessation of all military operations initiated by Russia in Ukraine, and will support all initiatives that promote a peaceful and definitive solution to resolve a shared security of Ukraine and Russia outside of military logics and responses", they add in their text.

In his opinion, "this aggression should have been avoided if, instead of the logic of military tension promoted by Russia, the US and NATO over Ukraine, they had opted to defend an Integrated Continental Security as approved in 1990 in the called "Charter of Paris" by the CSCE (today OSCE)".

For the PCE, "Europe needs to move towards a Shared Security System that overcomes the logic of the cold war, that initiates verifiable disarmament processes and manages to become a zone free of weapons of mass destruction." "Spain should not be part of this conflict and should support intense diplomatic initiatives to put an end to Russian aggression and contribute to the construction of a Continental Shared Security System," he added.

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