Yolanda Díaz celebrates the drop in VAT on gas and asks the employers "to be up to the task again"

Yolanda Díaz celebrates the drop in VAT on gas and asks the employers "to be up to the task again"

The Second Vice President of the Government, Yolanda Díaz, has supported the announcement by the President of the Government this Thursday to lower the VAT on the gas bill. "This measure tackles inflation and makes life easier for consumers," said Díaz, who nevertheless wanted to highlight the need for this type of measure that does not take into account the level of income and that supposes a decrease in the collection of the state must in any case be “transitory”.

Sánchez aspires to "contrast positions" with Feijóo in the Senate debate

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During the celebration of an act of the Sumar platform in the Serra do Courel (Lugo) within the announced listening process throughout the territory, Yolanda Díaz did not want to clarify whether or not she was aware of that announcement by the president, although she highlighted that he maintains "a magnificent relationship" with him and that his communication is permanent. "Today I couldn't talk to him but yesterday we were talking," she revealed.

To questions from the journalists, the vice president has wanted to avoid confrontation with the PSOE and with Pedro Sánchez himself at all times, even in an issue that is a source of confrontation between the coalition partners such as the increase in military spending committed by the Executive and endorsed once again this Thursday during the president's interview on Cadena Ser. "My position is already known, I have repeated it these days and I consider the answer reproduced," she said after being asked about Sánchez's words. At the second attempt of cross-examination, she settled: "I consider the answer reproduced."

Yolanda Díaz once again appealed to the harmony with the president regarding the conflict between unions and employers for the salary increase of the agreements. “The president and I agree on this issue. The bosses have been up to the task many times but now they are not doing it”, she lamented. The also Minister of Labor once again asked the CEOE to resume negotiations with the workers' representatives. “They must return to the table. The unions are defending the general interest. When the bosses have been right, I have given it to them and now what I ask them is that they set an example again and sit down at the table to improve wages in our country”, she stated.

First act of the Sumar tour

After the presentation in July in Madrid and the celebration of another sector event in the capital, the listening process that will take Yolanda Díaz to tour the entire Spanish geography in the coming months has started this Thursday in her Galicia, the homeland of the vice president The chosen site was the Serra Do Courel, in the province of Lugo, one of the green lungs of the region and the scene of one of the biggest fires of the entire summer. In mid-July, the fire destroyed 11,500 hectares, more than half of the total area of ​​the site. It is the largest fire ever recorded in this area of ​​Galicia, reaching dimensions equivalent to 25% of the total area burned in all of Spain during the worst summer in memory for 60 years.

After visiting the area devastated by the flames, the vice president and leader of Sumar denounced the rural abandonment of all the administrations: “We have just seen the devastated mountain range. Public administrations only act in the rural world in the extinction of fires, it does not matter who governs. The only way to tackle the fires and to tackle what we are seeing here is to tackle the causes that cause rural abandonment and that has to do with the productive model”, she denounced.

Díaz demanded for rural citizens throughout the country "the same rights as those who live in cities." And he called for a “grand pact” that implies rethinking the relationship between the urban and the people of the towns and unpopulated areas: “A new social contract with the land is needed. Public policies cannot be designed from the capitals. They have to be designed from here, with the people from here”, he stated.

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