Yolanda Díaz assures that there will be an agreement with Sánchez on defense spending

“To give a message of calm to my country, I know that from the care that I profess to a coalition that I want the president [Pedro Sánchez] and I myself are going to look for all the imaginative formulas to reach an agreement not only about the Defense budget but also about what interests me the most: that the people of my country do not suffer”. With these words, the second vice president, Yolanda Díaz, expressed herself this Wednesday.

The Plenary of the Debate of the State of the Nation will include the express reform of the Judicial Power and the Law of Memory

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The also Minister of Labor has used those terms just 24 hours after she herself, on behalf of United We Can, requested the PSOE the meeting of the monitoring commission of the coalition agreement before recent crashes both on the increase in military spending and on the measures to be adopted to deal with rising inflation.

During a press conference in Rome, where he met with his counterpart in the Italian Executive, Díaz asked the socialist part of the Government to negotiate "without cornering anyone." "I am convinced that both the PSOE and United We Can are in this position," she stressed, thus trying to downplay the discrepancies. She has called for "more coalition than ever, but in the face of giant challenges, the height of giants."

“I am going to use all my imagination and affection for my country and I will give my all for this negotiation. More coalition than ever”, she insisted, when asked by the press about the tensions in the coalition.

Reproaches before the State of the Nation Debate

In the aftermath of the NATO summit, tension had been rising in recent days within the coalition not only due to the refusal of United We Can to expand military spending, as requested by Pedro Sánchez, but also due to the response from the president to the Melilla tragedy where 37 migrants died after an action by the Moroccan gendarmerie that no one has explained.

The escalation of reproaches occurs on the eve of the State of the Nation Debate that will monopolize national politics next week and to which Sánchez and the PSOE had given maximum relevance to print the left turn that they try to promote in the final stretch of a legislature in which the PP is already celebrating the "change of cycle".

The straw that broke the camel's back in the internal relations of the Government was on Monday the knowledge by United We Can of the intention of the socialist party to approve yesterday Tuesday in the Council of Ministers an extraordinary credit of about 1,000 million euros for Defense, which according to the confederal group had not been communicated to him.

This provoked the demand of the vice president, Yolanda Díaz, to convene the coalition agreement monitoring table. In the last three years it had happened three times but this is the first time that the second vice president has requested it as leader of United We Can.

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