Yolanda Díaz asks the PSOE to explain what problem there is with the labor reform proposal sent to Europe

Yolanda Díaz calls on the Prime Minister to lead the repeal of the labor reform. “I would like the repeal of the labor reform to be presided over by Pedro Sánchez, I believe that there we would convey to our country that we want a new model of labor relations,” he pointed out this Wednesday in a statement made together with the leader of the Italian union attacked by neo-fascists.

What is at stake when we talk about the "repeal of the labor reform of the PP"

What is at stake when we talk about the “repeal of the PP labor reform”

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The second vice president insists that the debate on this matter within the Government they do not focus on the methodology, but in the content. “They have to tell us what the problem is about the work that is being deployed in terms of the component that we have sent to Europe,” he added. In addition, he has once again expressed his “surprise” at the opening “again” of this “debate”.

Díaz met this Wednesday in Rome with Maurizio Landini, the general secretary of the Italian Confederazione del Lavoro (CGIL), the union assaulted this month by neo-fascists during a demonstration against the COVID passport. The second vice president has conveyed her “solidarity” to this organization and has defended that this assault “is an attack on what the union represents in the world and an attack on democracy.” In her speech, Díaz has presented herself as “the daughter of a father who has worked in defense of the democratic values ​​of the world of work” and has assured that her father “has had a link with CGIL.”

Since the crisis broke out last Friday, due to the attempt by the Socialists to pilot the negotiation of this regulation, the teams of Díaz and the PSOE have been talking day and night to try to reach an agreement on the text that will replace the labor reform approved by the Government of Mariano Rajoy, as Diaz has recognized. “Since 2012 we have tried to repeal the reform of the PP. This is my deep conviction, this is the commitment of the Government of Spain. I would like us to comply with it,” he added.

For the second vice president, the draft that her Ministry is preparing will allow to end “with precariousness in Spain as the only way of life”, a situation to which the society of our country has been doomed by the regulations approved by the popular, according to has held.

“I would like that within the Government they explain what they think about the priority of the company agreement, the validity of the collective agreement – called ultra-activity -, subcontracting, article 42 of the Workers’ Statute or the internal flexibility mechanisms”, has stood out.

The deputy secretary general of the PSOE, Adriana Lastra, has regretted this Tuesday the “noise” that, in her opinion, United We can generate with the measures approved by the Government, such as the minimum vital income or the labor reform, and has assured that she found out on Twitter of the meeting demanded by the Minister of Social Rights, Ione Belarra, in the face of “interference attempts” by the first vice president, Nadia Calviño.

“We want coordination, dialogue and agreement. That the ministries concerned in the labor reform participate in that dialogue table. No one is talking about protagonism,” Lastra defended in an interview on Cadena Ser, collected by Europa Press, asked about the statements of former vice-president Iglesias that if the PSOE wants a leading role in the repeal of the labor reform “then it is given” because that “battle” has already been won in United We Can.

Government continues to run aground with the labor reform. This Wednesday there was a new technical meeting of social dialogue, which was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Labor, who have been sitting with unions and employers for five months negotiating the new text with which to dismantle the regulations approved by the popular in 2012.


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