Yolanda Díaz asks the employers to assume their "responsibility" in the face of inflation, cut benefits and raise salaries

The Second Vice President of the Government and Minister of Labour, Yolanda Díaz, reacted this Thursday to the inflation escalation known yesterday calling for a greater effort from large companies to guarantee the purchasing power of their workers. In a Twitter thread, the also coordinator of United We Can in the Executive wanted to emphasize that "wages are not to blame but the victims of inflation", so, in her opinion, "payrolls should not withstand the crisis ” generated by the increase in prices.

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“Inflation is today the main problem of our country. People are suffering from the general rise in prices, they are getting poorer every day”, she pointed out. For Díaz, "it cannot be allowed that a minority is taking advantage of the crisis to increase its benefits at the expense of the majority." And, in addition, he has pointed out that "it is also unacceptable that the government's enormous public effort to protect people ends up enriching a few."

“The Spanish employers and large companies, especially energy companies, have to assume their responsibility. It is time to redistribute the burdens, that those who have the most lend a hand for their country. We have to cut profit margins for the common good”, said the head of Labor. In her opinion, "families can no longer bear this situation" so "people must be protected so that they can get their lives forward". "There is room for wages to rise," she has told employers.

But Díaz has also sent a message to the majority partner of the Government, the PSOE, and to the rest of the political forces, assuring that "democracy is defended with more rights". Sources from the confederal group consider that, given the poor result of the left in Andalusia, the socialist part of the Government should be more inclined to endorse some of the proposals put forward by United We Can, with the intention of giving a social and more left-wing boost to the progressive executive.

Along the same lines, the parliamentary partners of the coalition government have demanded that the President of the Executive, Pedro Sánchez, more leftist politics. They consider that this is the way before inflation and after the debacle of the progressive space in the Andalusian elections in which Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla's PP swept through, achieving an absolute majority. ERC, EH Bildu and Más País also ask the PSOE and United We Can not have the "temptation" to approach the postulates of Alberto Núñez Feijóo, in order to maintain the progressive bloc until the end of the legislature and as the only guarantee to be able to reissue a Left-wing government after the general elections scheduled for 2023.

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