November 26, 2020

Yolanda Díaz against bullfighters, a show that does not have a pass | Blog The bull, by the horns

It has not been possible to know the opinion of the Ministry of Labor on the conflict with the bullfighters. Ten days ago, this blog asked its communication department for an assessment, and, if possible, an interview with Minister Yolanda Díaz to clarify the situation, but there has been no response. Thus, the only information is that contained in the denial letters received by the bullfighting applicants, in which the State Public Employment Service (SEPE) states that “the group to which you belong is not included in the scope of the application of the norm ”, and adds that“ the extraordinary access to the provision is limited to the artists in public shows ”.

That is, Work does not consider artists the bullfighters, as the royal decree law 1435/1985 does in its article 1, sections 2 and 3; and for this, it is accepted that the royal decree law 17/2020, which includes support measures for artists of the cultural sector to face the pandemic, does not expressly mention bullfighting as an affected group.

However, the Minister of Culture recognized in parliamentary headquarters that bullfighters can avail themselves of these grants, and encouraged them in meetings with them to appeal the denied requests. (Curious attitude: with friends like Rodríguez Uribes, there is no need for enemies. Wouldn’t it be more logical for him to try to correct the mistake of another member of the same Government? His advice to bullfighters is the postmodern version of Pilate).

A little gibberish that comes from pearls to Work to deny aid for a simple ideological reason: I don’t help bullfighters because I don’t like bulls.

“The Work strategy is that bullfighting does not exist”, according to the UNPBE legal adviser

How many bullfights are affected? Another small initial tangle.

According to the statistics of the Ministry of Culture, the bullfighting professionals registered in 2019 are 9,993, a figure that does not respond in any way to reality, since in a normal season more than 700 people do not participate in the festivities, including matadors, bullfighters, picadores , banderilleros and young men of sword.

Of these, about 200 exceeded the days of contribution necessary to collect unemployment benefit in 2019, like the rest of the workers in this country.

The remaining group (just over 400 people) can only apply for the aid provided for by the pandemic if they have contributed for at least 20 days. This is established in the royal decree law 17/2020: from 20 to 54 days of activity entitles 120 days of benefit, and from 55 onwards, up to 180 days of aid.

The Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, in the Congress of Deputies.
The Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, in the Congress of Deputies. Europa Press

Of the 200 applications submitted, only 10 have been approved, and the reason that many matadors and subordinates have not used this mechanism is because they have found an alternative job or receive some type of family help, both cases incompatible with the provisions of the royal decree.

Given SEPE’s discriminatory attitude, the National Union of Picadores y Banderilleros de España (UNPBE) requested a meeting with the director general of this body, which was granted and canceled within a few days. “They told us that there was no reason for the meeting because they were very clear that bullfighters are out of aid,” says Antonio José Martínez, legal adviser to the junior union.

“The strategy of the Ministry of Labor is that bullfighting and bullfighting do not exist,” he adds.

Martínez confirms that administrative claims have been filed in different provinces, “but the procedure is long, which aggravates the situation of the families”, and also a criminal complaint for the alleged crime of prevarication against the director of the SEPE in Seville, of which They have no news yet. “The most hurtful thing,” he continues, “is that the budget that should be dedicated to the bullfighting world for this concept is anecdotal for the economic items of the ministry.”

The solution could be in a new wording of the decree of aid to the ‘artists’ of the cultural sector

Meanwhile, a large number of bullfighters affected decided to concentrate last day on Paseo de la Castellana, 68, at the gates of the Ministry of Labor, and there they were for three days. Due to the ignorance of the politicians, about twenty bullfighters traveled to Toledo, where the minister attended an event and they put on an escrache of her father and very dear sir, which included shouts, beeps, insults and shaking of the official car.

Then, a phrase pronounced by the minister in 2013 in an interview on RNE that ran to justify the action of the bullfighters ran on social networks. “The escraches – Yolanda Díaz had said – are the only weapon that those who suffer the crisis have to defend themselves.”

But they were words taken out of context. The minister had added that “the limit in the criminal offense is in the application of violence”; And it ended: “I will defend the escraches as long as they are peaceful.”

Toledo’s was not, which allows it to be described as simply intolerable.

The matter became politicized, and gave way to manipulation, opportunism, lies and the most embarrassing disqualification. There were signs of burning support for the minister and scorn for the protesters. Podemos and the Minister of Consumer Affairs, Alberto Garzón, described them as far-right; Alda Colau branded them as cowards and privileged, and even the PSOE itself showed its rejection “in the face of violent attacks” without any reference to the situation of the “workers”.

No one remembered that the rioters were desperate workers.

No politician dared to recognize another unquestionable reality: the attitude of the Ministry of Labor is unjust and simply intolerable.

And it is the minister who has caused this situation, which could have been avoided simply by complying with current legislation. A show, in short, that does not have a pass, like putting the crutch on the Guisando bulls, that the teacher Dámaso González said.

The protagonists of the Toledo escrache were wrong in the ways, but they are only workers who ask for what corresponds to them, and who see their rights trampled on by having a profession that the minister does not like. And that is very serious.

The final solution could be in the hands of the Minister of Culture, José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes, who recently assured that he will make an amendment to correct gaps related to aid to bullfighters.

As the UNPBE legal adviser explains, “the minister’s commitment is to improve the wording of royal decree law 17/2020 so that it includes an express mention of bullfighting when it is submitted for approval in September in the Congress of Deputies; in fact, this is how it appeared in the text that it brought to the Council of Ministers, and Labor got it modified. ”

And a final cherry: Yolanda Díaz responded to messages of support from her party and government colleagues with another who said: “I appreciate the signs of affection received, violence is never the way.”

Some bullfighters replied with wise words: “Violence can be exercised in many ways; to make a family pass by ideology is also violence ”.


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