Yolanda Auyanet defends'Norma' in the Galdós in the 52nd Opera Season - La Provincia

Yolanda Auyanet defends'Norma' in the Galdós in the 52nd Opera Season - La Provincia

"Yolanda is the Norma". In this way he described Ulises Jaén, artistic director of Canary Friends of the Opera (ACO) at the presentation this Thursday, at the Pérez Galdós Theater, the presence of the soprano Yolanda Auyanet in the leading role of Rule, of Vincenzo Bellini. The Gran Canaria singer leads the cast of the second title of the 52nd season of ACO, which is represented in the Pérez Galdós Theater the 12th, 14th and 16th of March.

It is the sixth time that ACO programs this title of Bellini, a piece of great repertoire that is frequent in festivals and opera seasons, which was staged for the first time at the Teatro Pérez Galdós in February 1971, in the fourth season of ACO, and the last in 2011 in the 44th season, with its own production and stage direction Mario Pontiggia, that now returns to the Galdós with "a suitable repertoire", according to Ulises Jaén, to face the demands of score and libretto.

With Pontiggia in the scenic direction, and a scenography that shuns the "Asterix world, the druids against the Romans", as pointed out by Pontiggia; teacher Marzio Ponti in front of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Gran Canaria, Y Olga Santana in the direction ofl Opera Choir, is Rule account in its cast, in addition to Yolanda Auyanet, with the mezzo Paola Gardina, who debuts in the role of Adalgisa; the tenor Alfred Kim, who debuted with ACO and debuts in the role of Pollione; the bass Simon Orfila as Oroveso; and two other Canarian voices: the tenor Yauci Yanes, who debuted in the role of Flavio; and the mezzo Rosa Delia Martín as Clotilde.

According to Ulises Jaén, this opera "involves the difficulty of finding the soprano for the titular role", and ACO has found it in Yolanda Auyanet. With references as Callas or Caballé, and the famous aria Casta diva, the Gran Canaria singer expressed in the presentation that "it is a great joy" to sing in her land, and especially in this role that "is one of the most important of my career, if not the most, a mature role". Auyanet spoke of "responsibility, emotion and nerves" for the fact of "showing my countrymen what I have been doing for the rest of the world".

Regarding the complexity of the role of Rule, the soprano noted that "the aria of Casta diva, which everyone knows and expects, sets the bar very high, but if one examines the opera, it is the easiest thing to sing. "On the character, Auyanet explained that" he is a very tormented character who suffers changes as the work progresses. , and all those changes must be translated into music, made to reach the public, all with the difficulty of bel canto. "In his opinion, it is fundamental" to find a balance between the acting and the vocal part ".


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