Fri. Aug 23rd, 2019

Ylenia confesses her addiction to drugs

‘GH Dúo’: Ylenia confiesa su adicción a las drogas

Big Brother Duo
is standing out among other aspects for being a format in which its contestants are confessing without shame. If a few weeks ago it was Kiko Rivera who said he had many problems in the past, this Tuesday it was Ylenia Padilla's turn.

The one of Benidorm took advantage of its location in the curve of the life to open itself in channel and to confess its relation with the world of the drugs. An addiction that led to depression of which is already cured. But this does not stop for him to have a bad time in the past.

"I was badly taken by people"

"In Gandía Shore, the brown sea. The result was very hard because the image was on the ground ", she started feeling" ashamed "when she returned to her day to day. "I had a little depression that lasted until I came to Big Brother VIP". A change that made her "very happy" because she saw how "life gave me another chance".

As he stated in the program presented by Jorge Javier Vázquez, "I was badly taken by people". The excess of work caused that "sometimes you cling to alcohol, drugs ... and then again a maximum depression and I decided to retire". Padilla did not point to anyone, only to her as the culprit of the situation.

"It was a way to evade me"

Among the actions he performed was the fact of smoking joints "enough time of my life". "It was a way to evade me", She confessed, because" for me the family is the most important thing and taking me badly with them inside did not let me live ".

The thing was not there and "when I had work I tried worse things". That's why, he said, "I decided to get away and could win a pasture". "I went back to my house, to retire of everything ... it did not cost to me to make the decision because it was very burst". However, everything is over and Ylenia has returned.

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