“Yerma’s passion” discovers the desire and frustration of a passionate woman

Madrid, Jul 1 (EFE) .- Tragedy, love, passion and motherhood, “Yerma’s passion” returns to the stage with Lola Blasco’s free version of the Federico García Lorca classic starring María León.

In this version, he delves into the conflicts already pointed out by Lorca, Blasco delves into the tension between desire and morality, motherhood and death, gender and power, but he does so from the freedom that a contemporary vision offers him.

Lola Blasco explains to Efe that she has updated Lorca from various perspectives, especially at a formal level, since there are fewer characters in the original text, with the “aim of giving more importance to female characters”, so that each nuance of the women represented.

The playwright considers that the strong desire to be Yerma’s mother is still “understandable” today. “I understand the need for some women to complete that cycle. As is the desire not to be. The problem is not being able to fulfill their own desires, a circumstance that has always been the subject of tragedy because they are human.”

The torn feeling of motherhood is presented in this case not by the impossibility of being a mother, “now there are many advances in this sense and many forms of family”, but by “Yerma’s desire and the frustrated love towards her husband, in addition of the way of facing motherhood and the fears of how we mothers now understand that motherhood “, she points out.

“Yerma’s passion” -which premiered at the end of 2019 and paralyzed its tour due to the pandemic-, returns to the Teatros del Canal as of this Friday, until it is July 18.


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