Yeremi, from Los Olivos to the sets

The adrenaline of the red pilot. The winger who found his calling on a set. Jeremías Valerón Ramón (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 24 years old), known as ‘Yeremi’ Valerón, went from a hero in Los Olivos with his goal against San Fernando, at the premiere of Ángel Sánchez with Villa de Santa Brígida, to sensation television.

The islander, passing through Las Palmas Atlético and Regional C of the yellow house, recounts his experience in the dating contest ‘Women, men and vice versa’ of Cuatro. Rejected in the first instance by the pretender Carmen -tronista-, the incursion had an impact in Bolivia and Argentina.

“I’m a bit overwhelmed, the audience data has been important. The production company was satisfied with my participation and I will have a new opportunity in this contest of Cuatro and they will propose my candidacy for the throne. For me, it is a great opportunity to get noticed. Soccer is my passion, because of the injuries, the progression perhaps did not meet expectations. But now, I want to channel my career in film and television. I would like to be an actor ”, recounts the also full-back, who was cited by Setién for the Van Gogh of the Cantabrian games at UD, the work of art at the Santiago Bernabéu (3-3) -March 2017-.

“At first my legs were shaking, but if I catch the throne it will be too small for me”


Agitation in social networks, interview requests, options to make cameos in television commercials … Yeremi’s new life, who has the title of hairdresser. “I trained in the hairdressing industry for the future, but jumping on the set has changed everything. I want to take interpretation courses. In South America my time on TV has liked me, the telenovelas captivates me ”.

The new Lorenzo Lamas

The former Coruxo player has the support of Villa’s teammates and management team. The Satauta entity has a luxury representative in a channel with a millionaire audience. Yeremi appreciates the understanding of the club, which is exempt from the competition in the Canary Group for the Covid.

“My phone is on fire, it seems that I scored at the Bernabéu. The Canarian audience has responded and it only remains to be grateful. Carmen saw my images on my social network account and that’s how this madness began. I will not distract myself from my obligations to Villa, but I will stretch this television dream until I can. ”

Already in Gran Canaria and pending the call of the producer to return to Madrid, Yeremi aspires to tronista. “The throne will be too small for me (…) When I stepped on Mediaset my legs were shaking, but little by little I was letting go. Far from the superficial mood that the contest can give off, for me it is a great platform. I feel comfortable and of course I don’t have a girlfriend. You have to be serious ”.

Here is the new Lorenzo Lamas. Actor, ‘Latin lover’, seducer and extreme scorer. From the artificial grass of Los Olivos to the reality show of Jesús Vázquez. There is life and fame beyond the Santiago Bernabéu.

Brazález’s goal at Masterchef

The television presence of Las Palmas Atlético players already had a precedent with Granada striker Jorge Brazález. The attacker wore yellow in the 2008-09 campaign in the bronze category of Second B – he only lasted the first round of the league season, with one goal in ten games. In 2017, he entered the fifth edition of the ‘culinary talent’ MasterChef as a contestant and on June 28 of that year he was crowned the winner. The cook and former forward of the ‘vela chica’ has been in the news in the last hours due to his absence in the reality show ‘El Desafío’ on Antena 3 TV, having been in contact with a positive for coronavirus. Brazález, 32, is confined to his home. Beyond the UD affiliate, the tip was active in Puertollano, Gimnástica de Torrelavega, Linares, América de Cali (Colombia) or Formentera. Pc


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