Yellow warning for hail and wind in the Canary Islands until Christmas – The Province

Yellow warning for hail and wind in the Canary Islands until Christmas - The Province

The calima along with a stable weather in general, they will accompany the Canary Islands from this Sunday until Wednesday, registering cloudy skies in general except on La Palma, where there could be some rain on Monday.

The State Agency of Meteorology (Aemet) has decreed the yellow risk in the Canary Islands for dust in suspension (calima) that will make a visibility of 3,000 meters.

In this sense, the notice will be activated at 6:00 pm on Sunday, will remain on Monday and will remain in effect until 12:00 am on Tuesday, Christmas Day.

In addition, during the day on Monday, the islands of Tenerife, La Gomera and La Palma will also have a notice for strong waves and gusts of wind up to 80 kilometers per hour. In this case, the activation will end during the night of the same day.

While, in the whole of Spain, the arrival of an anticyclone to the Peninsula will maintain the stable weather from this Sunday until Wednesday, accompanied by higher temperatures than normal for this period of the year, according to the prediction of the State Agency of Meteorology (Aemet).

Except in areas of fog and low cloud cover and before an Atlantic front with the possibility of rain begins to affect Galicia the day after Christmas, Sunday will be dominated by clear skies or high clouds and light winds.

The most adverse phenomenon it will be the formation of extensive fogs and low cloudiness in the peninsular interior, persistent in the depressions of the rivers, especially in the Duero and Ebro.

In Canary Islands, the position of the anticyclone will lead to an increase in temperatures and the formation of haze from Sunday, with intervals of strong wind. On Tuesday, an Atlantic front could affect the westernmost islands, with the possibility of some rain on the island of La Palma.

Thus, the Sunday before Christmas Eve and Christmas time will be stable and, as Europa Press has pointed out, Aemet's spokesperson, Delia Gutiérrez, there is "little margin for error" as high pressures will prevail.

In fact, he has specified that the probability that it rains on the 23rd is 0 percent in all of Spain and practically the same probability is maintained on Christmas Eve. On Tuesday, Christmas Day, he said that there is very little sign of rain and that it will only affect the surroundings of the Galician coasts.

In addition, temperatures will remain above normal values ​​in the whole of Spain except in the fog zones. "In most of the country the thermal sensation will not be very Christmas," he said, since in general terms thermometers will be between 3 and 4 degrees Celsius more than usual for these dates and even up to 5 degrees Celsius in high areas and of mountain.

In particular, the day of Good night the maximum will exceed 20 degrees Celsius in the eastern half of Andalusia and Murcia, as well as more localized areas of the western half of Andalusia, the Valencian Community, in some parts of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands.

For its part, the day of Christmas Eve in the north plateau the maximum will pass little of zero degrees Celsius and will not exceed 5 or 6 degrees Celsius maximum in the northern plateau and in the Ebro valley, which will be the areas most affected by the mists.

In the rest of the country, in general terms the maximum will be around 15 degrees Celsius, ie in Galicia, the Cantabrian regions, Extremadura, Madrid, Castilla-La Mancha and Aragon.

As for the minimum, he said that the first half of the week, until December 26, frost will be limited to areas of the interior of the Peninsula and that will be, in any case, weak, about -2 degrees Celsius and maybe something less on the summits.


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