Yellow snow warning in the Madrid mountains

The State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) has decreed for this Saturday yellow warning for snowfall in the Sierra de Madrid, before the forecast that 7 centimeters of snow accumulate from 1,300 meters, so the Community of Madrid has asked for extreme Prudence if you go to the mountain.

This notice has started at 6.00 on Saturday and will run until midnight. 112 has informed the town council of the notice and asked to bring chains if it is going to travel through the mountains.

In addition, Aemet expects weak rainfall in the rest of the region that could be locally moderate and occasionally accompanied by storms.

According to these predictions, the sky will be very cloudy or overcast tomorrow and fog banks are not ruled out in high and nearby areas. The snow level will be between 1,200 and 1,500 meters.

Temperatures will not undergo significant changes, although the maximum could rise slightly in the area of ​​the mountains.

The wind will be lazy variable.

The temperatures (in degrees Celsius) expected in some municipalities in the region are as follows:

Municipality Minimum Maximum

Alcalá de Henares 6 11

Aranjuez 6 11

Collado Villalba 3 8

Getafe 6 11

Madrid 5 10

Navalcarnero 5 10


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