May 11, 2021

Yellow alert in 12 departments of Uruguay due to rain and storms

Yellow alert in 12 departments of Uruguay due to rain and storms

The Uruguayan Institute of Meteorology (Inumet) today issued a yellow alert for strong storms and heavy rains for 12 departments of that country.

The areas over which the warning applies are Artigas, Rivera and Tacuarembó (north); Salto, Paysandú and Río Negro (northwest); Colonia, Flores, Soriano and San José (southwest); Peach (center); Florida (south).

The Inumet points out that due to a "humid and unstable air mass" that affects the south of the country, some "punctually strong" storms will be generated.

Also, the institute emphasizes that in the areas of storms it will be possible to register "intense rains in short periods of time, occasional fall of hail, intense electrical activity and strong gusts of wind".

This warning rules from 13.30 local time (16.30 GMT on Tuesday).

These precipitations reach the South American country during the beginning of the summer season, in which thousands of tourists from different parts of the world arrive to this destination.

However, the Inumet has forecast for the next days rain throughout the territory.

From Tuesday January 1 to Thursday 3 there is "high probability of rain" throughout the country, standing out on day 3, which is expected to accumulate between 30 and 40 millimeters per day mainly on the west coast.

During Friday 4 and Saturday 5 of January there is an average probability of precipitation in the north of the country.

From Friday 4 a marked decrease in temperatures is expected until the end of the period.

The atmosphere will remain unstable throughout the period, highlighting the passage of two cold fronts one on Sunday December 30 and another on Thursday January 3, which will produce precipitation and temperature drops

However, the Inumet indicates that "it will continue to control the situation" and will inform "in the event of any changes".


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