Yellow alert declared for heavy rains in Costa Rica

The National Commission of Emergencies of Costa Rica (CNE) today raised the yellow alert for the province of Guanacaste (North Pacific) and the central Pacific region in the province of Puntarenas, due to heavy rains caused by a storm.

"We have observed an increase in the pattern of rainfall in the central Pacific and the North Pacific and we have some affected communities there such as Paquera and Jacó and this has led us to establish the yellow alert condition," said CNE president Alexander Solís

The official explained that the yellow alert (intermediate) increases the surveillance in areas prone to floods and landslides and activates the logistical preparation of the local emergency committees, as well as of supplies in case they are necessary.

The CNE keeps the green zone (preventive) in the north, the south Pacific and the center of the country, where the capital San José is located.

The president of the country, Carlos Alvarado, called today for a meeting of the Emergency Operations Center, which is made up of various institutions that deal with the prevention and response of emergencies.

The heavy rains that occur in Costa Rica since Wednesday are due to the active Intertropical Convergence Zone and the presence of two low pressure systems, according to the report of the National Meteorological Institute (IMN).

"The influence of two low pressure systems, one in the Caribbean Sea near the coasts of Nicaragua and the second in the Pacific west of Costa Rica, maintain conditions of strong temporary," the report of the IMN.

The storm will last at least until Saturday, according to weather information.


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