July 25, 2021

XTB expands and reinforces its offer in Cryptocurrencies

XTB expands and reinforces its offer in Cryptocurrencies

The market for Cryptocurrency congregates for more than a year, both to a large number of defenders and to both detractors, becoming, probably, the financial instrument that has generated the greatest flow of news and interest aroused in recent years. The future of finance and its relationship with the Blockchain in general and the Cryptocurrencies in particular, has led many of these "currencies" to multiply by more than 60 their market value, but in the same way has caused many others to quote prices that little resemble those they had less than a year ago. And, last December, the Bitcoin quoted close to $ 20,000 while today it is close to $ 6,400 (that is, a drop of 65%)). The maturity that this market is obtaining has been expelling those traders (in many inexperienced cases) interested in a violent movement of the price and approaching more and more other investors more concerned about the evolution of the Cryptocurrencies in the medium and long term. With a rise of 10% in recent months, contrary to a clearly bearish stock market in this period, Cryptocurrencies postulate, once again, as an alternative investment to consider, perhaps not so much for its intrinsic value, but for the technology on which they are based.

That is why XTB has decided to expand and reinforce its offer in the Cryptocurrency market up to 25 different crosses and improving its trading conditions, becoming the most complete Cryptocurrency offer in the Spanish market, all accessible through its Xtatation Trading Platform. Since last Monday, you can invest through CFDs in Cryptocurrencies such as NEO, Tron, Cardano, Stellar, Monero or IOTA. In addition to the classic Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple or Dash. For those investors with a longer time horizon, XTB, eliminates the usual restriction in the sector that forced to renew the positions every seven days, being able to keep them open now until the term of one year.

For Alberto Medrán, General Director of XTB, this extension of the offer supposes "continue to advance in our commitment to become a global investment firm, with an offer of diversified financial instruments that allows us to reach almost all investors.

The offer of new products in, Cryptocurrencies, is mainly due to the continued demand of them for this type of assets, which at present have been reduced their level of leverage with very good judgment by the European Regulator ".

XTB offers the possibility of Investing in both directions, both bullish and bearish, which allows both those who consider that these prices are an interesting buying opportunity, and those who believe that the falls have not yet finished, can participate in the movement of these cryptocurrencies.


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