July 9, 2020

Xiaomi TVs arrive in Spain | Technology

Since arriving in Spain two years ago, Xiaomi has achieved something that very few firms can boast: creating expectations with virtually all of its new products. In fact, there are few loyal users who expect the referral marketing available on the chinese web. One of those cases has been that of televisions, which can now be reserved and are officially marketed since December 2. Her or his promise? The same as that of the rest of its devices: performance and performance above what its price could indicate.

The biggest

The 55-inch Mi TV 4S, the most advanced model among the three available at the moment, is offered for 449 euros, a figure difficult to match in this size with 4K resolution. Its overall performance is as expected: positive but not dazzled. There are sacrifices, yes. Its entire rear part is constructed in a very colorful plastic. It is also a fairly thick design. The sensations improve (and much) on the front, with a thin metal frame that surrounds the entire screen.

The 55-inch Mi TV 4S, the most advanced model among the three available at the moment, is offered for 449 euros

In addition to 4K resolution, the panel of this model – designed by LG – is compatible with HDR content and has features such as a brightness of 330 nits and a frequency of 60 Hz; Both features very tight. It shows in the quality of visualization, with images that lack some brightness, especially with contents in which lights and shadows coexist.

As for the soundIt has two speakers of 10W of power each and is compatible with Dolby Audio. Although there are variations in volume depending on the source, in all cases it provides sufficient quality to enjoy live broadcasts, movies or series and even YouTube music videos.

With Android

Xiaomi Mi TV 4S 55 is an intelligent model that works with Android TV 9.0, so from its main menu it offers access to all kinds of applications: content, music, games, news … That also means that it has Chromecast integrated for project content from the mobile phone and be compatible with the Google Assistant voice assistant.

It has integrated Chromecast to project content from the mobile phone and it is with the voice assistant Google Assistant

It highlights a app preinstalled: PatchWall which, in reality, is a Xiaomi interface that works as a content aggregator. That is, when accessing it, all the video contents are organized according to different criteria, regardless of which video service in streaming are (Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, HBO, RTVE on demand, ATRESplayer). It also helps Artificial Intelligence, detecting what you see or do with the TV to recommend content tailored to your tastes.

To move through these menus proposes three options. The main one is to use the remote control included in the package, which is connected by bluetooth as soon as you start the configuration. With an ergonomic and lightweight design, it features the typical navigation buttons and three quick accesses to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Google Assistant.

The TV can also link any other Bluetooth controller, including games or use a app installed on the smartphone (Android Remote) that allows you to control all its functions from the mobile device.

Adjusted settings

On a more technical level, it has a quad-core processor, 2 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal memory. It is a very tight configuration: it is not the fastest answering the orders (also during games) and there are quite a few limitations when installing applications, since the space fills up fast.

In short, Xiaomi Mi TV 4S 55 is a television with a very tight price and very attractive for all those who want a 4K model without making a large outlay, but precisely that factor also limits its quality.

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