January 23, 2021

Xiaomi launches an external wireless charging battery – La Provincia

The Chinese firmXiaomi, which recently presented a folding screen mobile prototype, is still in its race to hoard different market segments trying to incorporate the latest advances in technology.

This time, he has launched with his brand Solovean external battery without wireless charging cables. With a careful aesthetic and that is close to that of Google or Apple devices, the company wants to reach with this device people who demand maximum freedom when using their mobile or tablet, at home or outside it.

The charger, withsquare pillow shape, has dimensions of 8 x 9 centimeters and about 2.3 in thickness and weighs 234 grams. It has two lithium-ion cells that total 10,000 mAh, whichallows you to charge a device wirelessly and two more using the USB connectorat the same time.

The device can be purchased already in China, but not yet in Spain. In the country of the company the charger sells for 99 yuan, about 13 euros, although the price that will finally have here is unknown.


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