Xi pleads for quick agreement with the US in telephone conversation with Trump

Xi pleads for quick agreement with the US in telephone conversation with Trump

Chinese President Xi Jinping expressed his hope that the US and China "reach a beneficial agreement for both countries and for the world as soon as possible" during a telephone conversation with US President Donald Trump, the state government agency announced today. Xinhua news.

In this sense, Xi and Trump were unanimous in implementing the agreements reached on the past day 1 in Buenos Aires – at a meeting in the framework of the G20 summit – which provide for a 90-day truce to negotiate between of the commercial war maintained by the two largest economies in the world.

During the phone call, which occurred this Saturday, Xi said he hopes that both will work for a stable progress in the relations between China and the US, which on January 1 will be 40 years since its official establishment.

He also said that "bilateral ties are now in a key phase," according to Xinhua.

In addition, Xi expressed his desire to strengthen "exchanges and cooperation in the economic and commercial fields, police, anti-drug operations, local and cultural issues," said the state agency.

The top leaders of the US and China also talked about international issues, such as the situation on the Korean peninsula.

In this regard, Xi said he supports new talks between Washintong and Piongyang, and hoped that they would conclude "with positive results."

According to the source, Trump and Xi took the opportunity to wish each other a happy new year.

For his part, Trump turned to his account of the social network Twitter to report on the telephone talk: "I just had a long and very good conversation with President Xi of China, the negotiation is progressing very well. very complete, covering all the issues, areas and points in dispute, great progress is being made! "

Trump also added that he is pleased to see that "teams from both countries are working hard to implement the important consensus reached" by him and Xi in Argentina, according to the Chinese news agency.

The past days 19 and 24 occurred calls at the level of viceministers; In the second, the Chinese and American representatives maintained a "deep exchange of views" on the trade imbalance and the protection of intellectual property.

Since the truce between Beijing and Washington on March 1, China has adopted several measures of goodwill such as lower tariffs on vehicles imported from the US, the resumption of the purchase of soy from that country or the presentation of a bill to prohibit the forced transfer of technology.

For its part, Trump temporarily suspended the increase of 10% to 25% of tariffs on Chinese products valued at 200,000 million dollars, although he warned that he would go ahead with his plan if a trade agreement is not closed before the expiration of the aforementioned period. of 90 days.

However, the negotiations could be truncated by the diplomatic conflict arising from the arrest of the chief financial officer of the Chinese Huawei technology, Meng Wanzhou, who was arrested in Canada at the request of the United States and accused of violating economic sanctions on Iran.


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