July 29, 2021

Xi confirms that he will meet with Trump during the G-20 summit in Argentina

Xi confirms that he will meet with Trump during the G-20 summit in Argentina

Chinese President Xi Jinping confirmed today that he will meet with his US counterpart, Donald Trump, during the upcoming summit of G20 leaders that will take place later this month in Argentina, the state agency Xinhua reported.

"I have agreed to meet with Trump during the next G20 summit, where the two sides will have the opportunity to exchange their views in depth on matters of common interest," Xi said during a meeting he held in Beijing with the former secretary of state. American Henry Kissinger.

According to Xi, despite the recent "ups and downs" in the bilateral relationship, the Sino-US ties have maintained a "steady progress" in the last four decades and added that it is the desire of the international community that the relationship advances "in the direction correct. "

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi also met with Kissinger, whom Xi defined as "an old friend of the Chinese people," praising his contribution to restoring Chinese-American ties more than 40 years ago.

During his meeting with Kissinger, the foreign minister considered that China and the United States "can" and "must" resolve their trade differences "in an appropriate manner", that is, "through an equal dialogue".

"Cooperation can be beneficial for both sides and it is the only correct option for the two countries, common interests are more important than differences," Wang said.

The two main economic powers of the world maintain since July a tariff war, which is added to a series of recent episodes of tension in the South China Sea, where US ships have sailed through waters that China claims as its own, an act that Beijing considers a "provocation".

Last Tuesday, the Chinese vice president, Wang Qishan, assured in Singapore that the Asian country is ready to start a dialogue with the US to reach an agreement "acceptable to both parties" in commercial matters.

The vice president's offer and the words of Xi and Wang coincide with the recent announcement of the resumption tomorrow Friday of the second round of dialogue on security and diplomacy in Washington, which had been postponed in October.


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