Xenophobia and animal abuse, under examination in rTVC

Paco Luis Quintana and Eloísa González on the set of 'Gente Maravillosa'.

Paco Luis Quintana and Eloísa González on the set of 'Gente Maravillosa'.

Eloísa González returns tomorrow, Monday at 10:15 p.m. with a new installment of 'Gente Maravillosa', the Canarian Television program that has accumulated several weeks breaking audience records. On this occasion, the format of the production company 'Release the command' will show two shocking hidden cameras on social issues, xenophobia and animal abuse. 'Gente Maravillosa' has become in a few weeks one of the contents with the greatest impact on the public network, both in its conventional broadcast and on the internet, where its hidden cameras already reach 4 million views in different countries. As different presenters of the chain have already done, tomorrow Paco Luis Quintana, presenter of the Canary Television Information Services, will pass by the set to act as godfather.

In the middle of the problem of illegal migration in the Canary Islands, the program will recreate a situation of discrimination in a perfumery, in which the manager shows his rejection of a Muslim girl who wants to work with a veil out of respect for her religion. After several minutes of tense hidden camera with several witnesses who will come out in defense of the protagonist, the program will choose the wonderful person who will come to the set. While the second scene will revolve around a situation of animal abuse, when a dog is abandoned in the middle of the street before the astonished gaze of different people. One of them will be Eloísa González herself, who for once will fall into the nets of her own team and will star in an exemplary reaction to the situation suffered by the animal. The presenter thus becomes a wonderful person on her own show.

Both Eloísa and the program's godfather, Paco Luis Quintana, as well as several of the guests, will receive incredible surprises, such as the visit of the Canarian singer Tutto Durán. And, like every Monday, 150 virtual viewers from the eight islands will follow the program from their homes through the webcam on their computers. On this occasion, in addition to humans, many pets will be seen in the 'Wonderful People' pantallion against animal abuse.

"We have found a privileged television space for any public channel, a content that creates social ties, to share difficulties and emotions, and that enhances the viewers' self-esteem," said Santi Gutiérrez, executive producer of 'Suelta el command.' Who argued that the space "achieves a multiplying social effect, beyond conventional television consumption and competition, which greatly enriches our society." Also, Gutiérrez concluded that "each program is a unique emotional experience, where viewers can take an active behavior in front of the television, reflecting and improving their living conditions."

For her part, the presenter and tomorrow also the direct protagonist of one of the stories, Eloísa González, explained that “I am really happy in this program, because the stories are very exciting and reach the hearts of thousands of people who are showing us their congratulations on social networks ”. In this sense, González added that "I believe that we are fulfilling a great mission as a public service and the hidden cameras of Wonderful People do not cease to amaze me" and, furthermore, "it is clear that canaries are wonderful because in all the Islands and in all the peoples find solidarity reactions ”. The host of the program has no doubts when it comes to asserting that "it is one of the great successes of the last years in the network, I feel very proud to be part of this adventure and I wish 'Wonderful People' a long life".

This space has evolved in the Canary Islands with respect to the original format broadcast on the Canal Sur channels of Andalusia or the regional television of Castilla La Mancha, 150 people from the eight Canary Islands from their homes and interacting with the different "marvelous" from the virtual windows that appear on the screen as a large digital tier. To follow these stories closely as a public, interested persons should contact the email [email protected]


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