Xavier Gabriel, owner of La Bruixa d'Or, the lottery that the «procés» cast out of Catalonia

Xavier Gabriel, owner of La Bruixa d'Or, the lottery that the «procés» cast out of Catalonia


For the second consecutive Christmas, the «Bruixa d`Or», considered one of the administrations with the best luck of Spain, will pass a Extraordinary Christmas Raffle in Navarre after having transferred his social to that community and the prosecutor to Madrid, in the midst of tensions over the "proces".

Its owner, Xavier Gabriel (Sort, Lleida, 1957), announced the decision of move the fiscal and social offices of its Lottery administration outside of Catalonia in the television program «Public Mirror» at the end of October last year, in the midst of the independence vortex and close to the implementation of Article 155. The Day of Hispanic Heritage decided to remain open, despite the boycott planned against this holiday in Sort.

From there, as reported in the well-known program, began to receive pressures and criticism at street level or through social networks, where rumors circulated as a supposed family affinity with the then leader of the CUP in Catalonia Anna Gabriel. The ex-pro-independence leader is currently fleeing from the Spanish Justice in Switzerland.

In this line, the owner of the "Bruixa d`Or" saw the dissemination of a recorded conversation by a client in whom he threatened to close the administration, for being "fed up" with the political context. In this sense, Gabriel himself maintained in «Espejo Público» that he had had enough and that he felt as Spanish as he was Catalan. He also argued that he had always "respected the political positioning of others".

No problems after the change of venue

In any case, the new headquarters does not seem to have harmed an administration that has remained one of the most sold and that last year he distributed part of the fat, which fell to the number 71198. In addition, the famous establishment born in Sort also sold in the sorte last year tenths of the Second Permium (51244) and two of the fifth prizes (58808 and 00580).

In this regard, in an interview with this newspaper, he claimed that his departure from Catalonia had not hurt him: "Four days of moving it, I haveor an increase in sales of 275% compared to last year: 287,740 euros more. If they wanted to boycott me, keep it that way, "he warned.


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