June 17, 2021

Wynton Marsalis and Snarky Puppy headline the 30th Jazz & More Festival

The trumpeter Wynton Marsalis, a universal reference in jazz, heads the bill for the 30th Festival Internacional Canarias Jazz & amp;  More. |  |  LP / DLP

The trumpeter Wynton Marsalis, a universal reference in jazz, heads the bill for the 30th Festival Internacional Canarias Jazz & Más. | | LP / DLP

The Canarias Jazz & Más International Festival celebrates its 30th anniversary between July 1 and 25 with one of the most ambitious posters in its history, which tours the eight islands with more than 50 concerts and more than 30 international, national and musical projects. local. With the Government of the Canary Islands as the main sponsor and a new private brand, Canaluz, and the support of the most representative institutions of the Archipelago, the festival displays a program in which The Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis, an institution gender universal; Avisahi Cohen Trio with the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra (in collaboration with the Canary Islands Music Festival); and the American Snarky Puppy, one of the most celebrated contemporary bands.

The American Snarky Puppy lineup. | | LP / DLP

Classic and emerging

The festival completes its line-up with some leading classical and emerging figures, such as the pianist Fred Hersch, in trio format; the marvelous voice of Liv Warfield; the virtuosity on the guitar of Julian Lage; and the self-confidence of a good number of bands that this year share that leg called «& Más» and that always offer projects related to jazz, such as soul or funk.

This roster will include José James and his stylistic richness based on neo soul, hip hop and drum ‘n bass; the large group that gathers around the Brooklyn Funk Essentials; the Latin rhythms edged with soul and funk of the Cubans Cimafunk; the soul garage of The Buttshakers; or the always surprising miscegenation of Latin jazz with which Patax arranges songs by great artists, this time they arrive with the Beatles’ repertoire totally twisted.

Juan Márquez, Deputy Minister of Culture and Heritage of the regional government, said that “this festival is an institution of this land, it has brought the best artists in the world”, which the Executive sponsors “because it is an emblem of our cultural fabric.” Márquez recalled that despite all the “difficulties” caused by the pandemic, «we have managed to keep culture alive, and this month of July begins with a boost and a recovery of the sector that gives us value as a cultural paradise, also coinciding with the Canary Islands Music Festival, with which a first line of collaboration has also been established ».

For his part, Miguel Ramírez, director of the Jazz Festival, wanted to thank the involvement of all the administrations they sponsor because “it would be impossible without their contribution, of those who are and have been, to have come this far.” In addition, Ramírez especially appreciated that “the Government of the Canary Islands has taken a step forward and that Canaluz has been incorporated with such a determined commitment.” As for the Festival’s figures, he recalled that “there are 59 concerts, a record this year; more than 30 projects; about 355 musicians approximately; we generate more than 700 direct jobs … ».

As always, the Canarias Jazz & Mas offers established artists in its program with others who point in that direction, but also attentive to the most emerging projects. Musicians who move between classical and contemporary jazz. Veterans of the national scene such as Jorge Pardo with Carles Benavent and Tino Di Geraldo; and Maria Joao & Carlos Bica Quartet; with new faces on the launch pad like Cyrille Aimée, Chico Pinheiro Quartet; new faces like Ozma, Jean-Paul Estiévenart Quintet, Óscar Peñas or The Black Barbies.

Local bet

And one more year, the stages of the Canarias Jazz & Mas will serve to present a good number of projects born in the islands, where some veterans who have played in this event when they were taking their first steps will once again be the undisputed protagonists of the festival, such as Kike Perdomo Sextet. The program includes a total of 11 Canarian projects, including Miriam Fleitas & D’Local Groove, Yone Rodríguez Sextet, Javier Infante & Pablo Rodríguez, Luis Merino, Simbeque, Luismo Valladares Quartet, Yexza Lara & Pablo Selnik, Pablo Queu Sextet, Gino Marcelli Trio or Jonay Mesa Quintet.

In this 30th edition, Canarias Jazz & Más reaches the eight islands for the first time in the same edition, since it had already performed concerts in all of them, but not in the same year. This milestone is possible thanks to the collaboration of all the institutions that make the celebration of this musical event possible.


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