Wuhan records 2 certified COVID-19 deaths in China in last day

The Chinese city of Wuhan, the birthplace of the coronavirus pandemic, has registered the two deaths caused by COVID-19 pneumonia that, according to the Chinese National Health Commission, were registered throughout the Asian country on Wednesday.

In their daily bulletin, the health authorities reported today that, until last local midnight (16:00 GMT Wednesday), the two aforementioned deaths occurred in Wuhan, in addition to the diagnosis of 63 new positives for the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus .

Of those 63 new cases, 61 were detected in travelers from abroad, the so-called "imported" cases, which on the eve were 59 and totaling 1,103 to date.

The remaining two cases were local infections that occurred in the southeastern province of Canton, for the three of the day before (one of which was also in Canton).

Despite these new cases, the total number of "active" infected in the Asian country continued to drop to 1,160 (of which 176 remain in serious condition), since the number of patients discharged is usually higher than that of new infections.

After knowing these latest data, the total number of infected diagnosed in China since the start of the pandemic is 81,856, among whom 3,335 people have perished and, for the moment, 77,370 people have been discharged after successfully overcoming the illness.

Since it began to severely hit the rest of the planet, many Chinese have returned to their country, where COVID-19 - always according to official figures - seems more controlled. Hence the rebound in "imported" cases in recent weeks, as many come from other global sources of the virus.

To date, 716,889 close contacts with the infected have been medically followed up, of which 12,510 are still under observation, and of these, 73 would be suspected cases of having been infected with the virus.

As for the asymptomatic infected, China registered 56 new cases in the latter part (less than half than the day before), bringing the total number of asymptomatic patients under observation to 1,104.

On March 12, the Chinese government declared that the peak of transmissions had come to an end in the Asian country.

The symptoms of the new coronavirus are in many cases similar to those of a cold, but may be accompanied by fever and fatigue, dry cough and dyspnea (shortness of breath).


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