Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

Writers and editors launch a platform for automatic pirate hunting on the web

Escritores y editores lanzan una plataforma para la caza automática de piratas en la red

The authors and associated publishers in Cedar (Spanish Center for Reprographic Rights) have just launched a platform that will automatically detect the piracy of books, newspapers, magazines and scores musical.According to the seriousness of each case, the organization will bring the facts to the attention of the administrative authority (second section of the Intellectual Property Commission) or the courts of Justice.

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Those responsible for the organization of creators, under the presidency of the writer Carme Riera, announced their new initiative against piracy during the presentation of Cedro Award, awarded this year to the journalist Pepa Fernández "For its commitment to copyright." The award ceremony will be held on April 26, World Intellectual Property Day.

The association chaired by Carme Riera announces the initiative by presenting the Cedro Prize, which this year is awarded to Pepa Fernández

In recent dates, Cedar got that Facebook closed 23 groups of this network in which a million users could share thousands of titles of books of literature, scientific or technical essays and religious texts without authorization from their owners and therefore illegally.

Cedro has just achieved the closure of 23 Facebook groups where one million users illegally shared thousands of titles

Until now, the partners of the association helped each other to detect cases of piracy through an information exchange service based on individual manual searches. The great leap is now with the hiring of the technological partner that has created the platform. The results of detected appropriations will be offered free of charge to the 23,600 authors and the 2,200 editors of Cedar.

The automatic search for unauthorized copies on the network will focus on the news editorials It is no small thing considering that each month are published in Spain about 8,000 new works, according to sources of the association itself.

"I hope that this project helps the legal dissemination of books and the press," said Carme Riera when announcing the initiative.

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