Writer Noah Gordon dies at 95

The author of the great selling novels The Doctor, Shaman or Dr. Cole, 95 years old, died this Monday, November 22 “in the privacy of his home,” according to his family. in a letter published on its official website.

Noah Gordon: "The musical of 'The doctor' has made me reborn"

Noah Gordon: “The musical of ‘The doctor’ has made me reborn”

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The same statement explains that he celebrated his recent birthday, on November 11, “with great joy and grateful for the long and fruitful life he has lived.” And they add that “it leaves a great void”.

Gordon was born in Worcester, Massachusetts (USA), into a Jewish family. From there came the experiences for his first novel, Rabbi (1965). His parents wanted him to be a doctor. Gordon studied a semester of medicine and dropped out without telling his parents, moving on to a career in journalism. He graduated in 1959 and subsequently pursued a master’s degree in English and Creative Writing from the Boston University Graduate School. He moved to New York and began working in small publications. Upon returning to Massachusetts, he began to edit a journal of psychiatric studies, while writing his first novel.

Years later, with his family, he decided to move to the countryside, to Ashfield. There he established a writing studio above the garage, overlooking the mountains. and began planning the Cole trilogy, a saga that follows different generations of this family. The best seller The doctor (1989) would be the first of those novels. It tells the story of Robert Jeremy Cole from his childhood in England to an Arab medical school in Persia. Follow him Shaman (1992), in which Robert Judson Cole travels from Scotland to the American border, where he participates in the American Civil War. And the third is Dr. Cole (1996), where Roberta Cole makes her way into contemporary times. In Spain, his novels are published by Roca Editorial.

Initially, the launch of The doctor It was not as successful as expected, selling 10,000 copies in the United States. But a German publisher read it, bought the rights, and made it the best seller which is today.

In 2018, the musical based on that work premiered in Madrid, created by two Spaniards: the composer Iván Macías and the producer Pablo Martínez. The writer, attending the screening, said that he had felt “reborn”. “Now that I no longer work as a writer, I can see my work translated into a magnificent show with wonderful actors and incredible music,” he told the Efe agency. Gordon participated in the creative process, along with his son Michael. The musical has planned his passage through Córdoba from January 20 to 23.

According to the film adaptation of his work, a German production starring British Tom Payne (The Walking Dead), the American confessed that had “disgusted” himas there had been changes in the story, but then he learned to value and accept it.

Gordon had emotional ties to Spain. Here he received the Euskadi de Plata award in 1992 and 1995 and the Ciudad de Zaragoza award in 2006. The following year he published The winery, set in the 19th century wine environment of Catalonia.

“Noah’s life and work have touched the lives of millions of readers around the world. His work continues to live,” closes the farewell text published by his family.


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