May 15, 2021

Wounded a woman in Vitoria after falling from a first floor when trying to flee from her partner – La Provincia

A 33 year old man has been arrested in Vitoria as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of gender violence, after his partner was injured when he rushed from the first floor when he tried to flee the house, since the detainee had prevented him from leaving the home.

In a statement, the City Council has reported that the event took place this past Sunday when a citizen call alerted the Local Police that a woman had rushed from a first floor of an Adurtza property.

A patrol car headed to the house where they found a man who was with a woman lying in bed, sore and swollen ankles.

Apparently, minutes before they had had a couple discussion and the man had prevented the woman from leaving the home, so she chose to get out of the window, falling and being injured. In view of the circumstances, the agents proceeded to arrest him for gender-based violence and coercion to his partner.

On the other hand, last Saturday the local police arrested another 48-year-old man at a Zabalgana home. Warned by neighbors of a strong discussion of couple in which death threats were heard and a woman crying and screaming, officers arrested the man for a crime of gender violence.


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