Wounded a score of fans of the CSKA to sink the stairs of the Rome metro | sports

Wounded a score of fans of the CSKA to sink the stairs of the Rome metro | sports

A group of fans of the CSKA Moscow, which plays on Tuesday against Rome in the Italian capital, caused the collapse of the metro escalators in the central station of the Plaza de la República. Around seven o'clock in the afternoon, about 20 fans of the Russian team descended en masse up the stairs, which ended up yielding and trapping several people in one of the gaps that opened. One of the fans required the amputation of half a foot and five more were transferred in serious condition to the hospital.

The causes of the collapse are not clear, although some media pointed out that it could have been caused by the leaps of the Russian fans. A CSKA fan who emerged unscathed, however, stated that they were not doing anything out of the ordinary and that it was a breakdown of the installation. In the images recorded by a user of the subway can be seen how the stairs move at a speed higher than normal. After a few seconds, they collapse at the bottom and people start to pile up at the bottom end on top of each other. "There was a noise while everything came down," explained a witness to the newspaper Il Messaggero. "There has not been time to get safe."

The chaos that was generated by the panic of travelers who were sucked by the staircase caused shocks and some crushing. Many tried to leave the station by climbing the mobile steps. Some of the people on the sunken ladder jumped over to the other platform in the opposite direction. It was the only way out. "I have attended a scene from the Apocalypse. The ladder has begun to fall very quickly, as if it were going crazy, "he told the newspaper. Repubblica another witness. The mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi, went to the scene of the accident, but she was not able to offer the causes of the incident either. "We are here to understand what happened."

The metro service was not interrupted, but no convoy stopped at the stop. The Plaza de la Republica, next to the Termini station and main hub of the Italian capital, was completely cut off for hours. Seven ambulances and several fire brigades traveled to the place to extract the rest of the people trapped on the stairs. Those affected were leaving slowly, many of the injured went directly to ambulances. The public prosecutor of Rome and the public transport company (ATAC) opened an investigation to clarify the facts.

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