June 22, 2021

Would you share the content of the mobile phone with your partner?

A scene from the play & # 039; Perfect Strangers & # 039;

A scene from the play ‘Perfect strangers’

Are you willing to share the content of your mobile phone with your partner and friends? It is the question that a group of young people will ask themselves and the public of Cuyás, in the course of a very special dinner scheduled soon at the Cabildo theater.

To the appointment, which will take place on days October 30 and 31 at 8:30 p.m., the actors actually attend Inge Martín, Álex Barahona, Olivia Molina, Juan Carlos Vellido, Elena Ballesteros, Bart Santana and Ismael Fristchi to represent one of the most important theatrical and cinematographic successes of the European billboard in recent years: ‘Perfect strangers’.

David Serrano and the popular Daniel Guzmán, who also directs the montage, sign the Spanish version of this work, in which a gang of friends decide to share the messages and calls they receive on their mobiles during an almost magical evening.

Guzmán confesses (Goya for Best New Director for ‘In exchange for nothing’ and actor in outstanding Spanish films and series) that “I was attracted by the friendship story of a group of lifelong friends, the depth of the characters, the crazy, the many twists and turns that the author suggests on the use of the mobile and the control it exerts over our lives “.

‘Perfect strangers’ is a theatrical text by Italian Paolo Genovese that was made into a movie in his country. “After several conversations, I read the original text of the Italian author and we wrote the adaptation of the original work modifying some aspects and adding new ones in relation to our culture, our heritage, our identity and ultimately, the characteristic sense of humor of our country “, explains Daniel Guzmán.

In Spain, it has not only triumphed in theaters, but also on the big and small screen, thanks to the adaptation of Alex de la Iglesia starring Belén Rueda, Ernesto Alterio, Juana Acosta, Eduard Fernández, Pepón Nieto, Eduardo Noriega and Dafne Fernández.

“The plot line through which this work passes and the closeness of the story make this comedy a journey full of surprises with large doses of humor but also contains great humanity and depth in each of its characters”, concludes Guzmán, for who, “beyond the narrative content, tone and sense of humor, this work questions our behavior and invites us to reflect”.

Thus, despite its apparently comical nature, it raises serious questions, such as whether or not it is appropriate to share our secrets with loved ones, the limits of intimacy or the true power of new technologies in our lives.

Tickets for this show (https://youtu.be/xMKWmpMHz6E) are already for sale both on the website (www.teatrocuyas.com) as in the theater box office, on Viera y Clavijo street in the capital of Gran Canaria.

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