January 25, 2021

Would you approve the test that the Sálvame collaborators suspended?

What name do large tracts of land surrounded by water receive everywhere but for one?
Who painted Las Meninas?
What gives rise to the movement of terrestrial translation?
What name receives a word that refers to a name and expresses how it is or how is it named by it?
What name does the polygon with nine sides receive?
What is the longest bone in the entire human body?

These are thefive questionswhich the collaborators of the program facedSave me, on the afternoon grid of Telecinco. The reason for this exam was to emulate the test they had to face, the night before the participants of the great audience success of these Mediaset months:Survivors.

A test, to which all participants in the program voluntarily submitted. An examination, which, according to the presenter, Carlota Corredera, wasprepared for Primary students between 6 and 12 years old.

None of the members of the program obtained the pass, all failed and only two managed to guess two of the five questions. They have failed in more than one. And you Would you approve? Test yourself!

The correct answers to the questionnaire are:

1. Peninsula
2. Velázquez
3. To the seasons of the year
4. Adjective
5. Enegon
6. Femur

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