Thu. Dec 5th, 2019

"Would there be volunteers to do it to him?"

He journalist and Writer
Arturo Pérez-Reverte has exploded against him
Hunter who shot, hit and dragged his dog in Chantada
, in Lugo. The animal's abuse, named Alma, was recorded and the video it spread through social networks, mainly on behalf of Animalist Party Against Animal Abuse (PACMA).

Pérez-Reverte, who has used the social network Twitter on many occasions to comment your opposition to the animal abuse, has condemned the case of Alma: “Would there have been volunteers to do it to him? … I wonder. I just wonder, ”he wrote in his account.

This Monday the
death of Alma
after suffering the brutal abuse. The specialists have not been able to do anything to save his life and in the face of this bad news Pérez-Reverte has also wanted to emphasize the absence of a legislation that punishes this type of abuse with harshness.

“Eighteen months (which he will not fulfill) can fall to this miserable one, at most. But the fault is not only yours. Also of the trash of Spanish laws on animal welfare and that indifferent crowd, politicians, who do nothing to harden them, ”wrote the journalist.

Crime of animal abuse

Disability, fine and a sentence of 18 months in jail

The man who mistreated Alma said he is Hunter and what could shoot to "who came out of the balls" The police have already identified him and animal associations have taken legal action.

The hunter is dedicated to the agricultural sector in the town of Soilán do Monte. I could be charged with a crime of animal abuse and face a penalty of 18 months in jail. Also, the Ministry of Environment could disable to the man for 10 years and make him pay a fine of 30,000 euros.

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